“Add forge now” provides a service for Software Heritage users to save a complete forge in the Software Heritage archive by requesting the addition of the forge URL into the list of regularly visited forges.

If you submit an Add Forge Now request, please avoid submitting the forge repositories at the same time in Save Code Now, which is designed for the punctual archival of single repositories. We process regularly the Add Forge Now requests, ensuring they will be processed rapidly. If there is a strong deadline due to a risk of source code loss (forge to be closed soon for example), please mention it explicitly in your submission message, so that we will prioritize your request.

You can submit an “Add forge now” request only when you are authenticated, please login to submit the request.

For submitting an "Add forge now" request", you have to provide the following details:

  • Forge type:Type of the forge you would like to add. Supported forge types in software heritage currently are:
  • Forge url:The URL of the selected forge. This must be unique.
  • Forge contact name:Contact name of the forge administrator
  • Forge contact email:Contact email of the forge administrator. An email will be sent to the given address to notify about the request.
  • Consent checkbox: This checkbox's purpose is to know whether we can explicitly mention the user's login within the email sent to the forge. If not checked, the user's name won't be mentioned in the email at all.
  • Comment: (Optionally) For the user to mention something more about their request to the add-forge-now moderator.

Once submitted, your "add forge" request can be in one of the following states

  • Pending: The request was submitted and is waiting for a moderator to validate
  • Waiting for feedback: The request was processed by a moderator and the forge was contacted.
  • Feedback to handle: The forge has responded to the request and there is feedback to handle for the request.
  • Accepted: The request has been accepted.
  • Scheduled: The requested forge listing has been scheduled.
  • First listing done: The first listing of the requested forge has been completed
  • First origin loaded: The first repositories (or origins) from the requested forge have been loaded and archived.
  • Rejected:The request is invalid. It is rejected by a moderator with an explanation.
  • Unsuccessful:An issue has been encountered which currently prevents the full archival.
  • Suspended:The forge listing is not supported yet.
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