Get a list of all revisions heading to a given one, in other words show the commit log.

The revisions are returned in the breadth-first search order while visiting the revision graph. The number of revisions to return is also bounded by the limit query parameter.

URL Allowed Methods (sha1_git) /log/



sha1_git (string)

hexadecimal representation of the revision sha1_git identifier

Query parameters

limit (int)

maximum number of revisions to return when performing BFS traversal on the revision graph (default to 10, cannot exceed 1000)

Request headers


the requested response content type, either application/json (default) or application/yaml

Response headers


this depends on Accept header of request



an array of objects containing the following keys:

  • author (object): information about the author of the revision

  • committer (object): information about the committer of the revision

  • committer_date (string): RFC3339 representation of the commit date

  • date (string): RFC3339 representation of the revision date

  • directory (string): the unique identifier that revision points to

  • directory_url (string): link to /api/1/directory/ to get information about the directory associated to the revision

  • id (string): the revision unique identifier

  • merge (boolean): whether or not the revision corresponds to a merge commit

  • message (string): the message associated to the revision

  • parents (array): the parents of the revision, i.e. the previous revisions that head directly to it, each entry of that array contains an unique parent revision identifier but also a link to /api/1/revision/ to get more information about it

  • type (string): the type of the revision

HTTP status codes


no error


an invalid sha1_git value has been provided


head revision cannot be found in the archive


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