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@string{dip = "Department of Computer Science, University of Pisa (Italy)"}
@string{pfi = "Progetto Finalizzato Sistemi Informatici e Calcolo Parallelo, C.N.R. (Italy)"}
@string{psc = "Hewlett Packard Laboratories, Pisa Science Center (Italy)"}
@string{hpl = "Hewlett Packard Laboratories"}
@string{hp  = "Hewlett Packard"}

@string{toplas=    "ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems"}
@string{cacm =     "Communications of the ACM"}
@string{sacm =     "ACM Computing Surveys"}
@string{lncs =     "Lecture Notes in Computer Science"}
@string{springer = "Springer-Verlag"}
@string{spe =      "Software Practice and Experience"}
@string{computer = "IEEE Computer"}
@string{IEEEtoc =  "IEEE Transactions on Computers"}
@string{IEEEtds =  "IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems"}
@string{IEEEtse =  "IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering"}
@string{jpdc=	   "Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing"}
@string{siam-comp= "SIAM Journal on Computing"}
@string{tcs =      "Theoretical Computer Science"}

@string{lispconf = "Proceedings of the ACM Conference on LISP
	and Functional Programming"}
@string{aisca = "Proceedings of the Annual International
	Symposium on Computer Architecture (ACM--IEEE)"}

@string{jan = "January"}
@string{feb = "February"}
@string{mar = "March"}
@string{apr = "April"}
@string{may = "May"}
@string{jun = "June"}
@string{jul = "July"}
@string{aug = "August"}
@string{sep = "September"}
@string{oct = "October"}
@string{nov = "November"}
@string{dec = "December"}

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massively parallel programs}",
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