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Tip revision: da719f05bd0e5199b1040c2bcbc97379aa4e7f8c authored by Alley Stoughton on 22 May 2020, 22:12 UTC
Allows nosmt with all operators other than pure, abstract ones - i.e.,
Tip revision: da719f0
S src
S src/phl
S src/system
S src/why3

B _build/src
B _build/src/phl
B _build/src/system
B _build/src/why3

PKG batteries
PKG menhirLib
PKG why3
PKG zarith
PKG pcre
PKG inifiles
PKG yojson

FLG -rectypes
FLG -w Y -w Z -w -23 -w +28 -w +33
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