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'Rcpp' Integration of Additional Probability Distributions
The 'Rcpp' package provides a C++ library to make it easier to use C++ with
R. R and 'Rcpp' provide functions for a variety of statistical
distributions. Several R packages make functions available to R for
additional statistical distributions. However, to access these functions
from C++ code, a costly call to the R functions must be made.

'RcppDist' provides a header-only C++ library with functions for additional
statistical distributions that can be called from C++ when writing code
using 'Rcpp' or 'RcppArmadillo'. Functions are available that return a
'NumericVector' as well as doubles, and for multivariate or matrix
distributions, 'Armadillo' vectors and matrices.
RcppDist provides functions for the following distributions:
  \item The four parameter beta distribution
  \item The location-scale t distribution
  \item The truncated normal distribution
  \item The truncated t distribution
  \item A truncated location-scale t distribution
  \item The triangle distribution
  \item The multivariate normal distribution*
  \item The multivariate t distribution*
  \item The Wishart distribution*
  \item And the inverse Wishart distribution*.

Distributions marked with an asterisk rely also on RcppArmadillo.

For more information on using 'RcppDist' functions in your C++ code, please
consult the vignette via \code{vignette("RcppDist")}; the vignette explains
how to link to the package and include the headers, which header files
provide which functions, and also provides all function declarations
(so that you can see the function and argument names and return/argument
types; the arguments are also described in reasonable detail). You can also
see an example of using the multivariate normal generator provided by
'RcppDist' in the function \code{\link{bayeslm}}.
JB Duck-Mayr
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