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echo -e '\033[41;37m If you cannot download the pre-trained models automatically, please download them yourself and put them under the 'Params' fold \033[0m'

# Create a virtual environment 
virtualenv --no-site-packages -p python3.7 ~/DeepFaceDrawing

# Activate the virtual environment
source ~/DeepFaceDrawing/bin/activate

# Update pip
python3.7 -m pip install -U pip

# install necessary libraries
pip install jittor==
pip install pyqt5==5.9.2
pip install Pillow==8.0.1
pip install scipy==1.5.4
pip install dominate==2.6.0
pip install opencv-python==
mv ./heat/bg.jpg ./heat/.jpg

# download pretrained model 
cd ./Params
wget -O
unzip && rm
wget -O
unzip && rm

# run code
cd ..
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