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\title{Serve phantasus.}
servePhantasus(host = "", port = 8000,
  staticRoot = system.file("www/phantasus.js", package = "phantasus"),
  cacheDir = tempdir(), preloadedDir = NULL, openInBrowser = TRUE,
  quiet = TRUE)
\item{host}{Host to listen.}

\item{port}{Port to listen.}

\item{staticRoot}{Path to static files with phantasus.js
(on local file system).}

\item{cacheDir}{Full path to cache directory.}

\item{preloadedDir}{Full path to directory with preloaded files.}

\item{openInBrowser}{Boolean value which states if application will be
automatically loaded in default browser.}

\item{quiet}{Boolean value which states whether the connection log should
be hidden (default: TRUE)}
Running instance of phantasus application.
\code{servePhantasus} starts http server handling phantasus static files
    and opencpu server.
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