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\title{ Tukey Quantile Table }
  Builds a table with quantiles of the sample relative range distribution.
table.qtukey(alpha, n)
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  \item{alpha}{ The probability of type-I error of false alarm , that is equal to 1 minus the confidence level. }
  \item{n}{ The maximum sample size. }
  It is used the fact that the sample relative range distribution is the same as the sample studentized range distribution (tukey distribution) with infinity d.f. in the denominator . It is considered 4 quantiles: alpha/2 , alpha , 1-alpha and 1-alpha/2, for different sample size values .
\author{ Daniela R. Recchia, Emanuel P. Barbosa }
\seealso{ \link{table.const},\link{alpha.risk},\link{qtukey} }
table.qtukey(0.0027, 15)
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