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# -*- mode: python; coding: utf-8 -*
# Copyright (c) 2018 Radio Astronomy Software Group
# Licensed under the 2-clause BSD License

"""Tests for telescope objects and functions.

from __future__ import absolute_import, division, print_function

import numpy as np
import pytest

import pyuvdata

required_parameters = ['_telescope_name', '_telescope_location']
required_properties = ['telescope_name', 'telescope_location']
extra_parameters = ['_antenna_diameters']
extra_properties = ['antenna_diameters']
other_attributes = ['citation', 'telescope_location_lat_lon_alt',
expected_known_telescopes = ['PAPER', 'HERA', 'MWA']

# Tests for Telescope object
def test_parameter_iter():
    "Test expected parameters."
    telescope_obj = pyuvdata.Telescope()
    all = []
    for prop in telescope_obj:
    for a in required_parameters:
        assert a in all, 'expected attribute ' + a + ' not returned in object iterator'

def test_required_parameter_iter():
    "Test expected required parameters."
    telescope_obj = pyuvdata.Telescope()
    required = []
    for prop in telescope_obj.required():
    for a in required_parameters:
        assert a in required, 'expected attribute ' + a + ' not returned in required iterator'

def test_extra_parameter_iter():
    "Test expected optional parameters."
    telescope_obj = pyuvdata.Telescope()
    extra = []
    for prop in telescope_obj.extra():
    for a in extra_parameters:
        a in extra, 'expected attribute ' + a + ' not returned in extra iterator'

def test_unexpected_parameters():
    "Test for extra parameters."
    telescope_obj = pyuvdata.Telescope()
    expected_parameters = required_parameters + extra_parameters
    attributes = [i for i in list(telescope_obj.__dict__.keys()) if i[0] == '_']
    for a in attributes:
        assert a in expected_parameters, 'unexpected parameter ' + a + ' found in Telescope'

def test_unexpected_attributes():
    "Test for extra attributes."
    telescope_obj = pyuvdata.Telescope()
    expected_attributes = required_properties + other_attributes
    attributes = [i for i in list(telescope_obj.__dict__.keys()) if i[0] != '_']
    for a in attributes:
        assert a in expected_attributes, 'unexpected attribute ' + a + ' found in Telescope'

def test_properties():
    "Test that properties can be get and set properly."
    telescope_obj = pyuvdata.Telescope()
    prop_dict = dict(list(zip(required_properties, required_parameters)))
    for k, v in prop_dict.items():
        rand_num = np.random.rand()
        setattr(telescope_obj, k, rand_num)
        this_param = getattr(telescope_obj, v)
            assert rand_num == this_param.value
            print('setting {prop_name} to a random number failed'.format(prop_name=k))

def test_known_telescopes():
    """Test known_telescopes function returns expected results."""
    # using np.sort here and casting to list instead of .sort() since .sort() acts inplace and returns None
    assert np.sort(pyuvdata.known_telescopes()).tolist() == np.sort(expected_known_telescopes).tolist()

def test_get_telescope():
    for inst in pyuvdata.known_telescopes():
        telescope_obj = pyuvdata.get_telescope(inst)
        assert telescope_obj.telescope_name == inst

def test_get_telescope_center_xyz():
    ref_xyz = (-2562123.42683, 5094215.40141, -2848728.58869)
    ref_latlonalt = (-26.7 * np.pi / 180.0, 116.7 * np.pi / 180.0, 377.8)
    test_telescope_dict = {'test': {'center_xyz': ref_xyz,
                                    'latitude': None,
                                    'longitude': None,
                                    'altitude': None,
                                    'citation': ''},
                           'test2': {'center_xyz': ref_xyz,
                                     'latitude': ref_latlonalt[0],
                                     'longitude': ref_latlonalt[1],
                                     'altitude': ref_latlonalt[2],
                                     'citation': ''}}
    telescope_obj = pyuvdata.get_telescope('test', telescope_dict_in=test_telescope_dict)
    telescope_obj_ext = pyuvdata.Telescope()
    telescope_obj_ext.citation = ''
    telescope_obj_ext.telescope_name = 'test'
    telescope_obj_ext.telescope_location = ref_xyz

    assert telescope_obj == telescope_obj_ext

    telescope_obj_ext.telescope_name = 'test2'
    telescope_obj2 = pyuvdata.get_telescope('test2', telescope_dict_in=test_telescope_dict)
    assert telescope_obj2 == telescope_obj_ext

def test_get_telescope_no_loc():
    test_telescope_dict = {'test': {'center_xyz': None,
                                    'latitude': None,
                                    'longitude': None,
                                    'altitude': None,
                                    'citation': ''}}
    pytest.raises(ValueError, pyuvdata.get_telescope, 'test', telescope_dict_in=test_telescope_dict)
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