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Tip revision: f960238cc760f0f3f9beab45eb042d232d716218 authored by G. Grothendieck on 07 March 2013, 00:00:00 UTC
version 0.2
Tip revision: f960238

o algoirthm can be "plinear-brute" or "plinear-random"

o corrected one nls2 example

o trace is now used by nls2 to control printing.  Previously it was only used
  to pass to nls.


o corce formula argument to a formula if its not already a formula

VERSION 0.1-4 

o NAMESPACE file added

o as.lm removed


o as.lm and as.lm.nls can be used to convert an "nls" object to an 
  "lm" object which is tangent to the nls object.  Untested.

o as.lm.nls uses proto package hence new dependency

o added algorithm = "random" which samples maxiter rows from start if
  start is a data frame with more than 2 rows whereas if start is a data
  frame with exactly 2 rows it will take maxiter random points from the
  rectangle whose boundary is defined by the rows.

o if nls exits with an error nls2 uses NA as the return value of that nls
  call instead of stopping with an error


o fixed problem with update not working with objects produced by nls2.

o fixed number of iterations and tolerance displayed when using
  algorithm = "brute-force".

o if there are exactly two rows in start= then a grid of starting values
  is formed so that there are at least maxiter points on the grid.

o start can be an nls object in which case coef(nls) is used.


o documentation and DESCRIPTION file tweaks.


o initial release.

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