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Tip revision: b22f50a8e2b83f8ef335fdd7598be65dacae02bd authored by Vincent Dutordoir on 12 January 2021, 12:39:23 UTC
Merge branch 'develop' into vincent/quickfix/dynamic-shapes-quadrature
Tip revision: b22f50a
ignore_missing_imports = True

; the following modules are not passing mypy, so we're skipping them until they've been fixed up.
; see github issue https://github.com/GPflow/GPflow/issues/1368 for more information. Note that some
; modules that haven't had types added are passing anyway so may not appear below.
; remove modules from this skip list when types have been added
ignore_errors = True

ignore_errors = True

ignore_errors = True

ignore_errors = True
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