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# DISA Windows Server 2016 STIG Evaluation

This repository is part of the paper *Automated Implementation of Windows-related Security-Configuration Guides* presented at the 35th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering.
We conducted all the steps described in our article on the [DISA Windows Server 2016 STIG benchmark](https://dl.dod.cyber.mil/wp-content/uploads/stigs/zip/U_MS_Windows_Server_2016_V1R13_STIG_SCAP_1-2_Benchmark.zip).
In this process, we marked every step with a distinct commit, e.g., [29118fd89617193143c73643ef1477de86ee0e0d](https://github.com/tum-i22/disa-windows-server-2016/commit/29118fd89617193143c73643ef1477de86ee0e0d) and a tag, e.g., [step-8-export](https://github.com/tum-i22/disa-windows-server-2016/releases/tag/step-8-export).
The commit view is especially handy if you want to see what was added, changed, or removed in a step.

The benchmark itself is property of the DISA but [may be distributed or copied](https://public.cyber.mil/privacy-security/).
The rest of this repository is under GPL-3.0.

If you have any questions, please create an issue or contact [Patrick Stöckle](mailto:patrick.stoeckle@tum.de).

Please also have a look at

* [DISA Windows Server 2019 STIG Evaluation](https://github.com/tum-i22/disa-windows-server-2019)
* [CIS Benchmark Evaluation](https://github.com/tum-i22/CIS-Benchmark-Evaluation)
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