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Tip revision: 0135d929301d24c464d843573e4ea56cd0f3e139 authored by Johnathan Wong on 22 April 2021, 00:47:28 UTC
ntcard.cpp: update low kmer sample check to evaluate entire expression
Tip revision: 0135d92
2020-09-25  Johnathan Wong <jowong@bcgsc.ca>
	* Release version 1.2.2
	* Fixed compilation error with gcc-9

2020-01-27  Johnathan Wong <jowong@bcgsc.ca>

	* Release version 1.2.1
	* Fixed a bug with reading fasta files

2020-01-24  Johnathan Wong <jowong@bcgsc.ca>

	* Release version 1.2.0
	* Added support for RNA sequences
	* Added support for gap seeds (spaced seeds which have all the wildcards in the middle)

2017-01-11  Hamid Mohamadi <hmohamadi@bcgsc.ca>

	* Release version 1.0.0
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