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Displays ABC plot with ABCanalysis
 Displays ABC Curve : cumulative percentage of largest Data (effort) vs cumlative percentage of sum of largest data (yield)
 with set limits generated by an calculated ABCanalysis.
ABCanalysisPlot(Data, LineType = 0, LineWidth = 3, 
ShowUniform = TRUE,title, limits = TRUE, MarkPoints = TRUE,
%- maybe also 'usage' for other objects documented here.
vector[1:n] describes an array of data: n cases in rows of one variable

	integer, optional, for plot default:  LineType=0 for solid line; for other line codes see documentation about pch
		integer, optional, width of Line, see \code{lwd} in \link{par}
boolean, optional, the ABC curve of the uniform distribution is shown in plot if TRUE (default)
  \item{title}{string, optional, see parameter \code{main} in \link{plot}}
boolean, = TRUE, lines of division in A, B and C are drawn, default = FALSE
boolean, optional, default= TRUE, Mark the three points of interest}
  optional, see \link{ABCcurve}
  optional, default =TRUE. If ResetPlotDefaults=FALSE, multiple plots in one window possible, but no resetting of plot to default parameters.

object is a list of items with
 \item{ABC}{Output of \link{ABCplot}}
 \item{ABCanalysis}{Output of \link{ABCanalysis}}

Michael Thrun

The Break Even point is always marked with a green star.

The diagonal from (0,1) to (1,0) is the equilibrium, where effort equals yield.


%% ~Make other sections like Warning with \section{Warning }{....} ~

## Standard Example
##	Multiple plots in one Window:
	Data=sapply(1:4,FUN=function(x,m,s) rnorm(1000,m,s),m,s)
	# windows() #screen devices should not be used in examples etc
	for (i in 1:4)

% Add one or more standard keywords, see file 'KEYWORDS' in the
% R documentation directory.
\keyword{ABC analysis}% __ONLY ONE__ keyword per line
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