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# Ouverture projet
txt_ChargementProjet = Project loading
txt_PatientezChargementProjet = Please wait while the project is loading

# Fenetre principale
txt_StructureListe = List structure
txt_Analyse = Analysis
txt_TableauBord = Dashboard
txt_TableauMessagesListe = Table of list posts
txt_TableauLocuteursListe = Analysis of speakers
txt_TableauConversationsListe = Analysis of discussions
txt_ErreurRestaurationProjet_1 = Project restoration error.\nIn/Out problem.
txt_ErreurRestaurationProjet_2 = Project restoration error.\nClass not found problem.
txt_RestaurationProjetAccomplie = Project restoration done
txt_RestaurationProjet = Project restoration

# ProjetController
# OpenProjet
txt_FichiersLame = Lame files
txt_OuvrirProjet = Open a project
txt_FichierInvalide = File not valid.

# MergeListe
txt_FusionListes = Lists merging
txt_FusionImpossible = Merging is impossible because\nyour project has less than 2 lists.
txt_PoursuivreFusionListes = Continue lists merging
txt_SupprimerListesFusionnees = Do you want to delete merged lists
txt_SupprimerListes = Lists deletion
txt_PoursuivreSuppressionListesFusionnees = Continue deleting merged lists
txt_Selectionner2Listes = Please select\ntwo or more lists.
txt_CocherListesFusionner = Check the lists to merge
txt_FusionSucces = Successful lists merging.
txt_PatientezFusionListes = Please wait while lists are being merged
txt_ListeFusionneeSucces = successfully merged

# RemoveListe
txt_SuppressionImpossible = Deleting list is impossible because\nyour project has no lists.
txt_PoursuivreSuppression = Continue deleting the list(s)
txt_SuppressionSucces = Successful list(s) deletion.
txt_SelectionListesSupprimer = Select the list(s) to remove
txt_Selectionner1Liste = Please select\none or more lists.
txt_Messages = posts
txt_PatientezSuppressionListes = Please wait while list(s) is (are) being removed
txt_ListeSupprimerSucces = successfully removed

# Importer Exporter liste
txt_SelectionListesImporter = Select the list(s) to import
txt_SelectionListesExporter = Select the list(s) to export
txt_ImporterListes = Lists importation
txt_ExporterListes = Lists exportation
txt_ImportationSucces = Successful list(s) importation.
txt_ExportationSucces = Successful list(s) exportation.
txt_PatientezExportationListes = Please wait while list(s) is (are) being exported
txt_PatientezImportationListes = Please wait while list(s) is (are) being imported
txt_ListeImportationSucces = successfully imported
txt_ProjetExportationSucces = successfully exported to

# Ajout Liste
txt_AjoutListe = Add list
txt_SaisirNom = Please type a name.
txt_Nom = Name
txt_PatientezAjoutListe = Please wait while list is being added
txt_AjoutListeSucces = successfully added.

txt_ToutSelectionner = Select all
txt_Liste = List
txt_Listes = Lists
txt_Projet = Project
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