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Tip revision: 9e003eedd5f69c466b0634d99dc952c1781ad2b7 authored by Adam Beardsley on 15 May 2017, 21:54:19 UTC
write uvfits group data as 64bit
Tip revision: 9e003ee
"""Tests for telescope objects and functions."""
import numpy as np
import nose.tools as nt
import pyuvdata

required_parameters = ['_telescope_name', '_telescope_location']
required_properties = ['telescope_name', 'telescope_location']
other_attributes = ['citation', 'telescope_location_lat_lon_alt',
expected_known_telescopes = ['PAPER', 'HERA', 'MWA']

# Tests for Telescope object
def test_parameter_iter():
    "Test expected parameters."
    telescope_obj = pyuvdata.Telescope()
    all = []
    for prop in telescope_obj:
    for a in required_parameters:
        nt.assert_true(a in all, msg='expected attribute ' + a +
                       ' not returned in object iterator')

def test_required_parameter_iter():
    "Test expected required parameters."
    telescope_obj = pyuvdata.Telescope()
    required = []
    for prop in telescope_obj.required():
    for a in required_parameters:
        nt.assert_true(a in required, msg='expected attribute ' + a +
                       ' not returned in required iterator')

def test_parameters_exist():
    "Test expected optional parameters."
    telescope_obj = pyuvdata.Telescope()
    expected_parameters = required_parameters
    for a in expected_parameters:
        nt.assert_true(hasattr(telescope_obj, a),
                       msg='expected parameter ' + a + ' does not exist')

def test_unexpected_attributes():
    "Test for extra attributes."
    telescope_obj = pyuvdata.Telescope()
    expected_attributes = required_properties + other_attributes
    attributes = [i for i in telescope_obj.__dict__.keys() if i[0] != '_']
    for a in attributes:
        nt.assert_true(a in expected_attributes,
                       msg='unexpected attribute ' + a + ' found in Telescope')

def test_properties():
    "Test that properties can be get and set properly."
    telescope_obj = pyuvdata.Telescope()
    prop_dict = dict(zip(required_properties, required_parameters))
    for k, v in prop_dict.iteritems():
        rand_num = np.random.rand()
        setattr(telescope_obj, k, rand_num)
        this_param = getattr(telescope_obj, v)
            nt.assert_equal(rand_num, this_param.value)
            print('setting {prop_name} to a random number failed'.format(prop_name=k))

def test_known_telescopes():
    """Test known_telescopes function returns expected results."""
    nt.assert_equal(pyuvdata.known_telescopes().sort(), expected_known_telescopes.sort())
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