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Tip revision: d470fb9615b6760d70cd3dea3fd550812d02b1bc authored by Leopoldo Catania on 23 July 2017, 19:03:04 UTC
version 0.2.4
Tip revision: d470fb9
2016-11-07  Leopoldo Catania <leopoldo.catania@uniroma2.it>
	* DESCRIPTION (Version): New version is 0.1.5.
	* "snorm" is now the skew normal distribution
	reparametrized in terms of mean and standard deviation.
	In the previous "snorm" of version 0.1.4 there was also a
	bug in the unmapping function.
	* Bug correction for quantile function and cdf of "norm".
	* Bug correction for static optimization
2017-03-20   Leopoldo Catania <leopoldo.catania@uniroma2.it>
	* DESCRIPTION (Version): New version is 0.1.6.
	* New method residuals
	* New method summary
	* Test files corrected
	* The coef method for "uGASRoll", "mGASRoll", "uGASFit", "mGASFit"
 now accept the additional logical argument do.list (default do.list = FALSE)
	* The plot method now accepts the additional character argument "which" (default which = NULL)
	* The plot method now does not call dev.off()
	* Corrected bug in the plot method for objects mGASFit and mGASSim
	* Corrected bug for getMoments method for the mGASSim object
	* UniGASSim() and MultiGASSim() now accept an uGASFit and mGASFit object as principal argument
	* Corrected bug for information matrix in the sstd case
	* Bug correction for DistInfo("ast1")
	* The user can now provide her personal optimizer
	* mapping functions are now robust to numeric under/overflow
	* added warning for non positive definite hessian matrices
	* added documentation for the plot method
2017-03-27   Leopoldo Catania <leopoldo.catania@uniroma2.it>
	* DESCRIPTION (Version): New version is 0.1.7.
	* some tests have been moved from /tests/ to /inst/ExtensionTests/
	* added registration of symbols
2017-03-29   Leopoldo Catania <leopoldo.catania@uniroma2.it>
	* DESCRIPTION (Version): New version is 0.1.8.
	* Bug fix in output of BacktestDensity()
2017-03-31   Leopoldo Catania <leopoldo.catania@uniroma2.it>
	* DESCRIPTION (Version): New version is 0.1.9.
	* some unit tests were removed due to issues related to testing with
	dev or patched R versions
	* DESCRIPTION (Version): New version is 0.2.0.
	* Third part optimizers which return an unnamed vector of parameres
	can be used. This is for example nloptr.
	* The nloptr package is a new dependence.
	* Starting values are now chosen using the same optimizer defined by the user.
	* Solved bug for qdist_Uni().
	* Some numerical underflow problems are now solved.
	* New distribution: Negative Binomial.
	* New distribution: Skellam.
	* New lower bound for degree of freedom is 2.01. Before was 4.0.
	* Additional argument Compute.SE for UniGASFit, MultiGASFit, UniGASRoll, MultiGASRoll.
  * DESCRIPTION (Version): New version is 0.2.1.
  * Bug in MultiGASRoll()
  * Bug in rmvt_mat(), the mean of the distribution was misspecified.
  * New distribution: Genrealized Hyperbolic Skew Student's t
  * DESCRIPTION (Version): New version is 0.2.2.
  * Bug in the visualization of uGASSim and mGASSim objects, instead of
  the B matrix the A matrix was shown.
  * DESCRIPTION (Version): New version is 0.2.3.
  * Added warning if the optimizer does not converge.
  * DESCRIPTION (Version): New version is 0.2.4.
  * ghskt distribution removed. This will be insered in a future release.
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