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\title{All-purpose filter}
  model = NULL,
  predictions = NULL,
  type = "window",
  equilibrium = "NE",
  options = NULL,
  ncores = 1,
  random = TRUE,
  include.obs = FALSE,
  min.crit = 1e-12,
  nsamp = NULL,
  Nadir = NULL,
  Shadow = NULL,
  target = NULL
\item{}{scalar or vector of number of strategies (one value per player) to select. For \code{NE}, if \code{} is a scalar
then each player will have \code{round(^(1/nobj)} strategies.}

\item{model}{is a list of \code{nobj} \code{nobj} \code{\link[DiceKriging]{km}} objects}

\item{predictions}{is a list of size \code{nobj}}

\item{type}{either "\code{window}", "\code{PND}" or "\code{Pnash}", see details}

\item{equilibrium}{either '\code{NE}', '\code{KSE}' or '\code{NKSE}' for Nash/Kalai-Smoridinsky/Nash-Kalai-Smoridinsky equilibria}

\item{integcontrol}{is a list containing: \code{integ.pts}, a [\code{npts x dim}] matrix defining the grid,
\code{expanded.indices} a matrix containing the indices of the integ.pts on the grid and \code{n.s},
a \code{nobj} vector containting the number of strategies per player}

\item{options}{a list containing either the window (matrix or target) or the parameters for Pnash: method
("\code{simu}" or "\code{exact}") and \code{nsim}}

\item{ncores}{\code{\link[parallel]{mclapply}} is used if \code{> 1} for parallel evaluation}

\item{random}{Boolean. If \code{FALSE}, the best points according to the filter criterion are chosen,
otherwise the points are chosen by random sampling with weights proportional to the criterion.}

\item{include.obs}{Boolean. If \code{TRUE}, the observations are included to the filtered set.}

\item{min.crit}{Minimal value for the criterion, useful if \code{random = TRUE}.}

\item{nsamp}{number of samples to estimate the probability of non-domination, useful when \code{type=PND} and \code{nobj}>3.}

\item{Nadir, Shadow}{optional vectors of size \code{nobj}. Replaces the nadir or shadow point for \code{KSE}. If only a subset of values needs to be defined, 
the other coordinates can be set to \code{Inf} (resp. -\code{Inf}).}

\item{target}{a vector of target values for the objectives to use the calibration mode}
List with two elements: \code{I} indices selected and \code{crit} the filter metric at all candidate points
Select candidate points for conditional simulations or for criterion evaluation, based on a "window" or a probability related to the equilibrium at hand.
If \code{type == "windows"}, points are ranked based on their distance to \code{option$window} (when it is a target vector),
or based on the probability that the response belongs to \code{option$window}.
The other options, "\code{PND}" (probability of non-domination, i.e., of not being dominated by the current Pareto front)
and "\code{Pnash}" (probability of realizing a Nash equilibrium) base the ranking of points on the associated probability.
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