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Tip revision: f960238cc760f0f3f9beab45eb042d232d716218 authored by G. Grothendieck on 07 March 2013, 00:00:00 UTC
version 0.2
Tip revision: f960238
Package: nls2
Version: 0.2
Date: 2013-03-07
Title: Non-linear regression with brute force
Author: G. Grothendieck
Maintainer: G. Grothendieck <>
Description: Adds brute force and multiple starting values to nls.
Depends: proto
Suggests: nlstools
License: GPL-2
Packaged: 2013-03-08 00:55:30 UTC; Louis
NeedsCompilation: no
Repository: CRAN
Date/Publication: 2013-03-08 07:24:52
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