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A major update, described in the SAT'23 paper Solving Huge Instances with Intel(R) SAT Solver
Tip revision: 8a99f85
##  Template makefile for Standard, Profile, Debug, Release, and Release-static versions
##    eg: "make rs" for a statically linked release version.
##        "make d"  for a debug version (no optimizations).
##        "make"    for the standard version (optimized, but with debug information and assertions active)

PWD        = $(shell pwd)
EXEC      ?= $(notdir $(PWD))
LIB       ?= $(notdir $(PWD))

CSRCS      = $(wildcard $(PWD)/*.cc) 
DSRCS      = $(foreach dir, $(DEPDIR), $(filter-out $(MROOT)/$(dir)/, $(wildcard $(MROOT)/$(dir)/*.cc)))
CHDRS      = $(wildcard $(PWD)/*.h)
COBJS      = $( $(

PCOBJS     = $(addsuffix p,  $(COBJS))
DCOBJS     = $(addsuffix d,  $(COBJS))
RCOBJS     = $(addsuffix r,  $(COBJS))

CXX       ?= g++

CFLAGS    ?= -DSKIP_ZLIB -Wall -Wno-parentheses -std=c++20
LFLAGS    ?= -Wall -lpthread 


CFLAGS    += -I$(MROOT)/../.. -I$(MROOT)
LFLAGS    += -L$(MROOT)/../..

.PHONY : s p d r rs clean 

s:	$(EXEC)
p:	$(EXEC)_profile
d:	$(EXEC)_debug
r:	$(EXEC)_release
rs:	$(EXEC)_static

libs:	lib$(LIB)_standard.a
libp:	lib$(LIB)_profile.a
libd:	lib$(LIB)_debug.a
libr:	lib$(LIB)_release.a

## Compile options
%.op:			CFLAGS +=$(COPTIMIZE) -pg -g -D NDEBUG
%.od:			CFLAGS +=-O0 -g -D DEBUG

## Link options
$(EXEC):		LFLAGS += -g
$(EXEC)_profile:	LFLAGS += -g -pg
$(EXEC)_debug:		LFLAGS += -g
#$(EXEC)_release:	LFLAGS += ...
$(EXEC)_static:		LFLAGS += --static

## Dependencies
$(EXEC):		$(COBJS)
$(EXEC)_profile:	$(PCOBJS)
$(EXEC)_debug:		$(DCOBJS)
$(EXEC)_release:	$(RCOBJS)
$(EXEC)_static:		$(RCOBJS)

lib$(LIB)_standard.a:	$(filter-out */Main.o,  $(COBJS))
lib$(LIB)_profile.a:	$(filter-out */Main.op, $(PCOBJS))
lib$(LIB)_debug.a:	$(filter-out */Main.od, $(DCOBJS))
lib$(LIB)_release.a:	$(filter-out */Main.or, $(RCOBJS))

## Build rule
%.o %.op %.od %.or:
	@echo Compiling: $@
	@$(CXX) $(CFLAGS) -c -o $@ $<

## Linking rules (standard/profile/debug/release)
$(EXEC) $(EXEC)_profile $(EXEC)_debug $(EXEC)_release $(EXEC)_static:
	@echo Linking: "$@ ( $(foreach f,$^,$f) )"
	@$(CXX) $^ $(LFLAGS) -o $@

## Library rules (standard/profile/debug/release)
lib$(LIB)_standard.a lib$(LIB)_profile.a lib$(LIB)_release.a lib$(LIB)_debug.a:
	@echo Making library: "$@ ( $(foreach f,$^,$f) )"
	@$(AR) -rcsv $@ $^

## Library Soft Link rule:
libs libp libd libr:
	@echo "Making Soft Link: $^ -> lib$(LIB).a"
	@ln -sf $^ lib$(LIB).a

## Clean rule
allclean: clean
	@rm -f ../simp/*.o ../simp/*.or ../simp/*.od  ../core/*.o ../core/*.or ../core/*.od
	rm -f $(EXEC) $(EXEC)_profile $(EXEC)_debug $(EXEC)_release $(EXEC)_static lib$(LIB)_*.a lib$(LIB)_profile.a lib$(LIB)_debug.a lib$(LIB)_release.a lib$(LIB).a\
	  $(COBJS) $(PCOBJS) $(DCOBJS) $(RCOBJS) *.core 

## Make dependencies $(CSRCS) $(CHDRS)
	@echo Making dependencies
	@$(CXX) $(CFLAGS) -I$(MROOT) \
	   $(CSRCS) -MM | sed 's|\(.*\):|$(PWD)/\1 $(PWD)/\1r $(PWD)/\1d $(PWD)/\1p:|' >
	@for dir in $(DEPDIR); do \
	      if [ -r $(MROOT)/$${dir}/ ]; then \
		  echo Depends on: $${dir}; \
		  cat $(MROOT)/$${dir}/ >>; \
	      fi; \

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