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# Pleiotropy-of-UKB-Metabolites

Data analysis and figure generation scripts for:
Courtney J. Smith*, Nasa Sinnott-Armstrong*, Anna Cichońska, Heli Julkunen, Eric Fauman, Peter Würtz, Jonathan K. Pritchard (2022). Integrative analysis of metabolite GWAS illuminates the molecular basis of pleiotropy and genetic correlation. _bioRxiv_; doi:

Data for this repository can be downloaded from:
Dryad under accession code
OR at

If anything is unclear, please contact Courtney Smith at

If you use these scripts or data, please cite the above Smith et al. 2022 (_bioRxiv_) paper and reference this Github repo:

Directory overview
- GWAS sumstats processing folder has scripts for initial processing of summary statistics generated from GWAS
- Data Analysis has scripts for analyzing the processed GWAS summary statistics
- Figure Generation has scripts for producing the manuscript figures
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