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About us


TensorLy was created in 2015 by `Jean Kossaifi`_ to make tensor methods accessible and easy. 
It was first presented at the 
NeurIPS `workshop <>`_ 
on "Learning with Tensors: Why Now and How?" and 
later published as a `JMLR paper <>`_ titled
"TensorLy: Tensor Learning in Python", 
by `Jean Kossaifi`_, `Yannis Panagakis`_, `Anima Anandkumar`_ and `Maja Pantic`_.

Originally, TensorLy was built on top of NumPy and SciPy only. In order to combine tensor methods with deep learning and run them on multiple devices, CPU and GPU, a flexible backend system was added.
This allows algorithms written in TensorLy to be ran with any major framework such as PyTorch, MXNet, TensorFlow, CuPy and JAX.

Core developers

TensorLy is first and formost a community 
aiming to make tensor learning easy and accessible.

With a robust and active group of contributors, we would like to thank all those who have contributed, including:

* `Jean Kossaifi`_
* `Jeremy Cohen <>`_
* `Julia Gusak <>`_
* `Aaron Meurer <>`_
* `Marie Roald <>`_ 
* `Yngve Mardal Moe <>`_ 
* `Aaron Meyer <>`_ 

For a full list of contributors check the `Github page <>`_.


The TensorLy project is and has been supported by various organizations and universities:

.. image:: _static/logo_nvidia.png
   :width: 150pt
   :align: center
   :alt: NVIDIA


.. image:: _static/logo_inria.png
   :width: 150pt
   :align: center
   :alt: INRIA

INRIA is `funding <>`_ a full-time engineer to work on TensorLy.


.. image:: _static/logo_imperial.png
   :width: 150pt
   :align: center
   :alt: Imperial College London


.. image:: _static/logo_caltech.png
   :width: 150pt
   :align: center
   :alt: California Institute of Technology


.. image:: _static/logo_athens.png
   :width: 150pt
   :align: center
   :alt: National and Kapodistrian University of Athens


.. _Jean Kossaifi:

.. _Yannis Panagakis:

.. _Maja Pantic:

.. _Anima Anandkumar:
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