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import os, sys

BUILDDIR       = '#build/release'
DISTDIR        = '#dist'
CXX            = 'g++'
CC             = 'gcc'
CXXFLAGS       = ['-std=gnu++11', '-O3', '-Wall', '-g', '-pipe', '-march=nocona', '-msse2', '-ftree-vectorize', '-mfpmath=sse', '-funsafe-math-optimizations', '-fno-rounding-math', '-fno-signaling-nans', '-fno-math-errno', '-fomit-frame-pointer', '-DMTS_DEBUG', '-DSINGLE_PRECISION', '-DSPECTRUM_SAMPLES=3', '-DMTS_SSE', '-DMTS_HAS_COHERENT_RT', '-fopenmp', '-fvisibility=hidden', '-mtls-dialect=gnu2']
# CXXFLAGS       = ['-std=gnu++11', '-O3', '-Wall', '-g', '-pipe', '-march=nocona', '-msse2', '-ftree-vectorize', '-mfpmath=sse', '-funsafe-math-optimizations', '-fno-rounding-math', '-fno-signaling-nans', '-fno-math-errno', '-fomit-frame-pointer', '-DMTS_DEBUG', '-DDOUBLE_PRECISION', '-DSPECTRUM_SAMPLES=3', '-fopenmp', '-fvisibility=hidden', '-mtls-dialect=gnu2']
LINKFLAGS      = []
SHLINKFLAGS    = ['-rdynamic', '-shared', '-fPIC', '-lstdc++']
BASEINCLUDE    = ['#include']
BASELIB        = ['dl', 'm', 'pthread', 'gomp']
EIGENINCLUDE   = ['/usr/include/eigen3']
OEXRINCLUDE    = ['/usr/include/OpenEXR']
OEXRLIB        = ['Half', 'IlmImf', 'z']
PNGLIB         = ['png']
JPEGLIB        = ['jpeg']
XERCESLIB      = ['xerces-c']
GLLIB          = ['GL', 'GLU', 'GLEWmx', 'Xxf86vm', 'X11']
GLFLAGS        = ['-DGLEW_MX']
BOOSTLIB       = ['boost_system', 'boost_filesystem', 'boost_thread']
FFTWLIB        = ['fftw3_threads', 'fftw3']

# The following runs a helper script to search for installed Python
# packages that have a Boost Python library of matching version.
# A Mitsuba binding library will be compiled for each such pair.
# Alternatively, you could also specify the paths and libraries manually
# using the variables PYTHON27INCLUDE, PYTHON27LIB, PYTHON27LIBDIR etc.

import sys, os
from detect_python import detect_python
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