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version 1.6.0
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# pkgdown 1.6.0

## Major changes

* pkgdown now uses the new [downlit](https://downlit.r-lib.org/) package for all 
  syntax highlighting and autolinking (in both reference topics and vignettes). 
  There should be very little change in behaviour because the code in downlit 
  was extracted from pkgdown, but this makes it easier to use pkgdown's nice 
  linking/highlighting in more places (#1234).

* pkgdown now uses the `ragg::agg_png()` device to generate example figures.
  This should be a little faster and produce higher quality output. Learn
  more at <https://ragg.r-lib.org> (#1320).

## Minor improvements and bug fixes

### Rd translation

* `\special{}` support inside `\usage{}` added to allow non-standard R usage
  syntax (@klmr, #1345).

* `#ifdef` and `#ifndef` are now supported; the "current" OS is hard coded to
  "unix" to ensure reproducible output regardless of where you build the 
  website (#1384).

* Nested `\subsection{}`s now generate appropriate heading levels 
  (h3, h4, h5 etc) (#1377), and get anchor links (#1389).

* `\preformatted{}` no longer double escapes its contents (#1311).

### Articles and vignettes

* `build_articles()` no longer sets the `theme` argument of the document format 
  to `NULL` when `as_is: true`. This should allow it to work with a wider
  range of output formats including `bookdown::html_vignette2()` and 
  friends (@GegznaV, #955, #1352).

* When `build_article()` fails, it gives the complete failure message (#1379).

* Markdown header attributes are now processed in all markdown files (@jonkeane, #1343)

### Auto-linking and syntax highlighting

* The branch used for source linking can be configured by setting 
  `repo: branch: branch_name` in `_pkgdown.yml` (@jonkeane, #1355):

      branch: main

* `autolink_html()` is (soft) deprecated. Please use 
  `downlit::downlit_html_path()` instead.

* Highlighting of empty expressions works once more (#1310).

* New `deploy$install_metadata` option in `_pkgdown.yml`. Setting it to
  `true` will store site metadata in the package itself, allowing offline
  access for packages that to autolink to the package's website 
  (@mstr3336, #1336).

### Other    

* You can now control the background colour of plots with the `figures.bg`
  option (it is transparent by default, and given a white background by
  css). See `?build_reference` for an example.

* HTML is automatically stripped from the page title (#1318).

* Suppressing CRAN dates in news file now actually works.

* All HTTP requests are now retried upon failure (@jameslamb, #1305).

* Setting `clean = TRUE` in `deploy_site_github()` removes old files from the 
  deployed site before building a new one (#1297).

# pkgdown 1.5.1

* Syntax highlighting works on Windows once more (#1282).

* pkgdown no longer fails if your `.Rd` files have duplicated `\aliases` 
  as were produced by an older version of roxygen2 (#1290).

* Rendering empty `.md` file now returns empty string (#1285).

* `build_articles_index()` is now exported to rapidly rebuild the index (#1281)

* `deploy_site_github()` now accepts a `host` argument to specify alternate 
  hosts (e.g., Github enterprise) (@dimagor, #1165) and once again works as 
  intended on Travis-CI (@jimhester, #1276).

# pkgdown 1.5.0

## New features

* The articles index page and navbar have been overhauled. There are two
  major new features in this release:
    * The articles index page now displays article `description`s,
      taken from YAML metadata belonging to each article. This lets you provide 
      more context about each article and describe why one might want to read 
      it (#1227).
    * The articles navbar is now also controlled by the `articles` section
      in `_pkgdown.yml`. The ordering of the sections, and articles within
      them, control the order of the articles in the navbar, and you can
      use the new `navbar` field to control whether or not each section
      appears in the navbar (#1101, #1146).

* The reference index now has two levels of heading hierarchy: `title` and
  `subtitle` (#327).

* Tables of contents in sidebars now use
  [bootstrap-toc](https://afeld.github.io/bootstrap-toc/); this considerably
  improves navigation for long articles and reference pages.

* You can now control the links to source files (in reference pages and 
  articles) and issues and users (in the NEWS) with new `repo$url` config
  option (#1238). This makes it easier to use pkgdown with GitHub enterprise,
  packages in subdirectories, and other source hosts (like bitbucket).
        home: https://github.com/r-lib/pkgdown/
        source: https://github.com/r-lib/pkgdown/blob/master/
        issue: https://github.com/r-lib/pkgdown/issues/
        user: https://github.com/
    The individual components (e.g. path, issue number, username) are pasted on 
    the end of these urls so they should have trailing `/`s.

    You don't need to set these links for GitLab, as pkgdown now detects 
    GitLab urls automatically (since they use the same structure as GitHub)

* There's much richer control over Open Graph and Twitter metadata for the 
  whote site and for individual articles. See new `vignette("metadata")` for 
  details (@gadenbuie, #936).

* New `deploy_to_branch()` function to build and deploy a site to a branch,
  defaulting to `gh-pages` for use with GitHub Pages. This is used in our 
  recommended GitHub action workflow for automatically building and deploying
  pkgdown sites for packages on GitHub (@jimhester, #1221).

* Updated JS libraries: jquery 3.3.1 -> 3.4.1; bootswatch 3.3.7 -> 3.4.0;
  bootstrap 3.3.7 -> bootstrap 3.4.1; docsearch 2.6.1 -> 2.6.3;
  fontawesome 5.11.1 -> 5.12.1; headroom.js 0.9.44 -> 0.11.0; 
  clipboard.js 2.0.4 -> 2.0.6 (@jayhesselberth).

## Auto-linking improvements

* Examples and Rmd now use exactly the same syntax highlighting strategy.

* In examples and Rmd, calls of the form `current_package::foo` now get
  a local link (#1262).

* `\preformatted{}` blocks are now highlighted and linked if they parse
  as R code (#1180).

* `library(pkgdown)` is now automatically linked to the reference index for 
  "pkgdown" not the documentation for `library()` (#1161).

* `help("topic")` is now automatically linked to the documentation for "topic",
  not to the documentation for `help()` (#1210)

## Minor improvements and bug fixes

### Articles

* `build_home()` no longer uses (unrendered) `README.Rmd` or `index.Rmd` if
  corresponding `.md` files are not found.

* `build_article()` failures now print more information to help you debug
  the problem (#952).

* The name of the vignette mapped to the "Get started" entry in the navbar 
  is now more flexible. You can use an article (e.g `articles/{pkgname}`) 
  and if your package has a `.` in its name you can replace it with `-` to 
  generate a valid article name (e.g. the get started vignette for 
  `pack.down` would be `pack-down`) (#1166).

### Deployment

* `deploy_to_branch()` now correctly captures the commit SHA on GitHub Actions
  (@coatless, #1252).

* `deploy_to_branch(github_pages = TRUE)` generates a `.nojekyll` to prevent
  jekyll ever executing (#1242).

* `CNAME` is no longer generated by `init_site()`, but is instead conditionally 
  by `deploy_to_branch()` when `github_pages = TRUE`. This is a better a fit 
  because the `CNAME` file is only needed by GitHub pages (#969).

* `deploy_site_github()` argument `repo_slug` has been deprecated and is no
  longer needed or used. (@jimhester, #1221)

### News 
See additional details in `?build_news`:
* You can optionally suppress the CRAN release dates added to the news 
  page (#1118).

* Multi-page news style gets a better yaml specification (the old style 
  will continue to work so no need to change existing YAML).

### Reference

* A topic named `index` will not longer clobber the reference index (#1110).

* Topic names/aliases on reference index are now escaped (#1216). 

* `build_reference()` gives better warnings if your `_pkgdown.yml` is
  constructed incorrectly (#1025).

* New `has_keyword()` topic selector for `reference`. `has_keyword("datasets")`
  is particularly useful for selecting all data documentation (#760).

* New `lacks_concepts()` can select topics that do not contain any of 
  a number of specified concepts. (@mikldk, #1232)

### Home, authors, and citation
* pkgdown now escapes html and linkifies links in comments in author info 
  from DESCRIPTION (@maelle, #1204)

* pkgdown now uses the ORCiD logo included in Font Awesome 5.11 instead of 
  querying it from members.orcid.org (@bisaloo, #1153)

* badges are now extracted from everything between `<!--badges: start-->`
  and `<!--badges: end-->`. They used to be extracted only if they were
  direct children of the first `<p>` after `<!--badges: start-->`.

* `build_home()` now looks for `pkgdown/index.md` in addition to the top-level 
  `index` or `README` files (@nteetor, #1031)

### Navbar

* pkgdown now formats the package version displayed in the navbar the same way
  as it has been specified in the DESCRIPTION file. In particular, version
  separators (e.g. `.` and `-`) are preserved. (#1170, @kevinushey)

* add support for navbar submenus: you can create submenus following the 
  convention established in [rstudio/rmarkdown#721](https://github.com/rstudio/rmarkdown/issues/721) (@ijlyttle, @wendtke, #1213)

### Other

* Updated JS libraries: jquery 3.3.1 -> 3.4.1; bootswatch 3.3.7 -> 3.4.0;
  bootstrap 3.3.7 -> bootstrap 3.4.1; docsearch 2.6.1 -> 2.6.3 

* Markdown conversion now explicitly allows markdown inside of HTML blocks;
  this was previously accidentally disabled (#1220).

* A timestamp for the last site build is reported in `pkgdown.yml` (#1122).

# pkgdown 1.4.1

* Don't install test package in user library (fixes CRAN failure).

# pkgdown 1.4.0

## New features

* build citation as specified by the `textVersion` argument of `citEntry` in the
  `CITATION` file (#1096, @yiluheihei)

* `build_site()`, `build_reference()` and `build_home()` gain a parameter 
  `devel` which controls whether you're in deployment or development mode.
  It generalises and replaces (with deprecation) the existing `document` 
    Development mode is optimised for rapid iteration and is the default
    for `build_reference()`. It uses `pkgload::load_all()` to load code
    directly from disk in order.
    Deployment mode is slower, but guarantees correct results, and is the
    default for `build_site()`. It installs the package into a temporary
    library, and runs examples/articles in a new process.

* `build_reference()` no longer runs `devtools::document()` (#1079) and
  `build_home()` no longer re-builds `README.Rmd` or `index.Rmd`. This makes 
  the scope of responsibility of pkgdown more clear: it now only 
  creates/modifies files in `doc/`.

* `build_home()` now strips quotes from `Title` and `Description` fields 
  when generating page metadata. Additionally, you can now override the 
  defaults via the `title` and `description` fields in the `home` section of 
  `_pkgdown.yml` (#957, @maelle).

* `vignette("linking")` describes how pkgdown's automatic linking works, and
  how to ensure that cross-package links point to the right place.

## Bug fixes and minor improvements

### Rd translation

* `\examples{}` rendering has been completely overhauled so it now first 
  converts the entire mixed Rd-R block to R prior, and then evaluates the
  whole thing. This considerably improves the fidelity of the translation 
  at a small cost of no longer being able to remove `\donttest{}` and
  friends (#1087).

* `\item{}`s in `\describe{}` containing whitespace are translated correctly

* `\dots` and `\ldots` are translated to `...` instead of the ellipsis,
  since they're often found in code (#1114).

* `\tabular{}` translation handles code better (@mitchelloharawild, #978).

* `\subsection{}` contents are now treated as paragraphs, not inline text 

* `\preformatted{}` blocks preserve important whitespace (#951).

### Front end

* Links to online documentation for functions in code chunks are no longer 
  displayed when printing (#1135, @bisaloo).

* Updated fontawesome to v5.7.1. fontawesome 5 [deprecated the `fa` prefix](https://fontawesome.com/how-to-use/on-the-web/setup/upgrading-from-version-4#changes).
  If you have used custom icons in your navbar, you'll should update them from
  (e.g.) `fa fa-home` to `fas fa-home`. Brands now have a separate prefix so
  `fa fa-github` becomes `fab fa-github` (#953).

* The navbar is now automatically hidden with 

* The sticky behaviour of the navbar is now implemented in pure CSS instead of 
  relying a the 3rd party javascript library (#1016, @bisaloo)

* Favicons are now automatically built from a package logo (#949).

### Linking

* Infix operators (e.g., `%in%` and `%*%`) are now linked to their 
  documentation (#1082).

* Function names can now be included in headers without spurious auto-linking 

* Links to external documentation now point to [rdrr.io](https://rdrr.io) 

### Other

* News page recognises more version specifications (including the  
  "(development version)" now used by usethis) (#980).

* Subdirectories are supported for assets (#939, @ijlyttle).

* A default 404 page (`404.html`) is built, unless a custom `.github/404.md` 
  is provided (#947).

* `build_article()` now uses the raw vignette title as page `<title>` 
  and `og:title` (@maelle, #1037).

* `build_home()` now looks for license files spelled either as LICENSE or 
  LICENCE (#972).

* `build_home()` can find badges in paragraph coming after the comment 
  `<!-- badges: start -->` (#670, @gaborcsardi, @maelle).

* `build_home()` will add a community section to the sidebar if there is either 
  a code of  conduct (`.github/CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md`) or a contributing guide 
  (`.github/CONTRIBUTING.md`) (#1044, @maelle).

* `build_reference()` gains a `topics` argument which allows you to re-build
  only specified topics.

* `build_site(new_process = TRUE)` gains a timeout, 
  `options(pkgdown.timeout = 10)`, that can be used to prevent stalled 

* `deploy_site_github(install = FALSE)` makes it possible to opt out of 

* `dev_mode()` now recognises `0.1.9000` as a development version of a package
  (this is an emerging standard we use for packages with backward incompatible
  changes) (#1101).

# pkgdown 1.3.0

* Restore accidentally deleted `build_logo()` function so that logos
  are once more copied to the website.

* Fix to `pkgdown.css` so page header has correct amount of top margin.

* `content-home.html` template is no longer used when the homepage
  is an `.Rmd` (Reverts #834. Fixes #927, #929)

* `deploy_site_github()` now passes parameters to `build_site()` 
  (@noamross, #922), and the documentation gives slightly better advice.

* Correct off-by-one error in navbar highlighting javascript; now no navbar
  is highlighted if none match the current path (#911).

* Tweaking of HTML table classes was fixed (@yonicd, #912)

* Restore accidentally removed `docsearch.css` file.

# pkgdown 1.2.0

## New features

* `deploy_site_github()` can be used from continuous integration systems
  (like travis) to automatically deploy your package website to GitHub Pages.
  See documentation for how to set up details (@jimhester).

* `build_favicon()` creates high resolution favicons from the package logo,
  and saves them in `pkgdown/`. They are created using the 
  <https://realfavicongenerator.net/> API, and are better suited for modern web 
  usage (e.g. retina display screens, desktop shortcuts, etc.). This also 
  removes the dependency on the magick package, making automated deployment
  a little easier (@bisaloo, #883).

* Users with limited internet connectivity can explicitly disable internet
  usage by pkgdown by setting `options(pkgdown.internet = FALSE)` (#774, #877).

## Improvements to Rd translation

* `rd2html()` is now exported to facilitate creation of translation reprexes.

* `\Sexpr{}` conversion supports multiple arguments, eliminating 
  `x must be a string or a R connection` errors when using `\doi{}` (#738).

* `\tabular{}` conversion better handles empty cells (#780).

* `\usage{}` now supports qualified functions eliminating  
  `Error in fun_info(x) : Unknown call: ::` errors (#795).

* Invalid tags now generate more informative errors (@BarkleyBG, #771, #891)

## Front end

* The default footer now displays the version of pkgdown used to build 
  the site (#876). 

* All third party resources are now fetched from a single CDN and are
  give a SRI hash (@bisaloo, #893).
* The navbar version now has class "version" so you can more easily control 
  its display (#680).

* The default css has been tweaked to ensure that icons are visible on all
  browsers (#852).

## Bug fixes and minor improvements

### Home page

* Can now build sites for older packages that don't have a `Authors@R` field 

* Remote urls ending in `.md` are no longer tweaked to end in `.html` (#763).

* Bug report link is only shown if there's a "BugReports" field (#855).

* `content-home.html` template is now used when the homepage is an `.Rmd` 
  (@goldingn, #787).

* A link to the source `inst/CITATION` was added to the authors page (#714).

### News

* Uses stricter regular expression when linking to GitHub authors (#902).

### Reference

* Unexported functions and test helpers are no longer loaded (#789).
* Selectors that do not match topics now generate a warning. If none of the 
  specified selectors have a match, no topics are selected (#728).

### Articles

* The display depth of vignette tables of contents can be configured by 
  setting `toc: depth` in `_pkgdown.yml` (#821):

    depth: 2

### Overall site

* `init_site()` now creates a CNAME file if one doesn't already exist and the
  site's metadata includes a `url` field.

* `build_site()` loses vestigal `mathjax` parameter. This didn't appear to do 
  anything and  no one could remember why it existed (#785).

* `build_site()` now uses colours even if `new_process = TRUE` (@jimhester).

# pkgdown 1.1.0

## New features

* `build_reference()` and `build_site()` get new `document` argument. When 
  `TRUE`, the default, will automatically run `devtools::document()` to 
  ensure that your documentation is up to date.

* `build_site()` gains a `new_process` argument, which defaults to `TRUE`.
  This will run pkgdown in a separate process, and is recommended practice
  because it improves reproducibility (#647).

* Improved display for icons: icons must be 30px and stored in top-level 
  `icons/` directory. They are embedded in a separate column of reference 
  index table, instead of being inside a comment (!) (#607).
## Front end

* Added a keyboard shortcut for searching. Press `shift` + `/` (`?`) to move 
  focus to the search bar (#642). 
* The Algolia logo is correctly shown in the search results (#673).
* Navbar active tab highlighting uses a superior approach (suggested by 
  @jcheng5) which should mean that the active page is correctly highlighted
  in all scenarios (#660).

* `pkgdown.js` is better isolated so it should still work even if you 
  load html widgets that import a different version of jquery (#655).

## Improvements to Rd translation

* `vignette()` calls that don't link to existing vignettes silently fail 
  to link instead of generating an uninformative error messages (#652). 
  Automatic linking works for re-exported objects that are not functions 
  (@gaborcsardi, #666).

* Empty `\section{}`s are ignored (#656). Previously, empty sections caused 
  error `Error in rep(TRUE, length(x) - 1)`.

* `\Sexpr{}` supports `results=text`, `results=Rd` and `results=hide` (#651).

* `\tabular{}` no longer requires a terminal `\cr` (#664, #645).

## Minor bug fixes and improvements

* Add `inst/pkgdown.yml` as a possible site configuration file so that packages 
  on CRAN can be built without needing the development version (#662).

* Default navbar template now uses site title, not package name (the package 
  name is the default title, so this will not affect most sites) (#654).

* You can suppress indexing by search engines by setting `noindex: true` 
  `pkgdown.yml` (#686)
        noindex: true

* `build_article()` sets `IN_PKGDOWN` env var so `in_pkgdown()` works 

* `build_home()`: CITATION files with non-UTF-8 encodings (latin1) work
  correctly, instead of generating an error. For non-UTF-8 locales, ensure you 
  have e.g. `Encoding: latin1` in your `DESCRIPTION`; but best practice is to 
  re-enode your CITATION file to UTF-8 (#689).

* `build_home()`: Markdown files (e.g., `CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md`) stored in 
  `.github/` are copied and linked correctly (#682).

* `build_news()`: Multi-page changelogs (generated from `NEWS.md` with
  `news: one_page: false` in `_pkgdown.yml`) are rendered correctly.

* `build_reference()`: reference index shows infix functions (like `%+%`) as 
  `` `%+%` ``, not `` `%+%`() `` on  (#659).

# pkgdown 1.0.0

* Major refactoring of path handling. `build_` functions no longer take
  `path` or `depth` arguments. Instead, set the `destination` directory 
  at the top level of `pkgdown.yml`.

* Similarly, `build_news()` no longer takes a `one_page` argument;
  this should now be specified in the `_pkgdown.yml` instead. See the 
  documentation for an example.
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