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\title{ plot method for outCoDa objects }
Plots the Mahalanobis distance.
\method{plot}{outCoDa}(x, y, ...)
  \item{x}{ object from class \sQuote{outCoDa} }
  \item{y}{ ... }
  \item{\dots}{ ... }
The dashed line indicates the (1 - alpha) quantile of the Chi-squared distribution. Observations with Mahalanobis distance greater than this quantile could be considered as  
compositional outliers.
\references{ Filzmoser, P., and Hron, K. (2008)
  Outlier detection for compositional data using robust methods. \emph{Math. Geosciences}, \bold{40} 233-248.
\author{ Matthias Templ }
\seealso{ \code{\link{outCoDa}} }
oD <- outCoDa(expenditures)
\keyword{ hplot }
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