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## Knottingham
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is a tool that lets you draw and manipulate knot diagrams, sporting a clean yet somewhat hand-made look. 
You can:
1. Draw a knot from scratch & Have its intersections calculated for you
2. Adjust it as a Bezier curve
3. and Export it to TikZ/SVG/JSON!

other features include:
- Computing the Alexander, Jones and HOMFLY Polynomial
- Undoing
- Styling
- Non-Reidemeister Move detection

<img src="">

You can give it a go yourself over [here](

 **Local Execution / Development**
For a local setup, clone the repository, run a webserver in the base directory for example with `python3 -m http.server 8000` and open a browser window on [http://localhost:8000](http://localhost:8000).

**Knottingham** was inspired by two cool tools for drawing and identifying knots, namely the [Knot Identification Tool]( by Joshua Horowitz and [KnotFolio]( by Kyle Miller. For the feature of producing a minimal orthogonal knot diagram, it uses the PyPi Module [spherogram]( after compilation to Webassembly to be compatible with [pyodide]( Spherogram is licensed under [GNU-2]( For more involved knot invariants using Sage, API calls to [SageCell]( are used.
Knottingham renders with [paper.js]( Many thanks to the authors!

 **How it Works**
You can read the preprint about Knottingham, which is currently under peer review for the *IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics*, [here](

**Knottingham** is free software and licensed under MIT.

Any and all feedback is appreciated! You can mail to [developer/at/](mailto:developer/at/

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