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# Visual Analysis of Displacement Processes in Porous Media using Spatio-Temporal Flow Graphs.

*Alexander Straub, Nikolaos Karadimitriou, Guido Reina, Steffen Frey, Holger Steeb, and Thomas Ertl.*

In the following, we will provide information about the implementation for our paper.

If you are interested in replicating some of the figures in our paper, you can use the [replication script](#replication). Otherwise, follow the instructions for [MegaMol](#megamol) and [LuaVis](luavis).

## MegaMol

For this work, we created two new plugins in [MegaMol]( imageseries and imageseries_gl.
They provide all functionality to read image series from experiments, preprocess them, create the time map, and extract and simplify a flow graph.

### Get the code

You can get MegaMol from its repository at [](

### Build steps

Configure MegaMol with CMake by running:  
This enables the required plugins *imageseries* and *imageseries_gl*.

Now build and install MegaMol.

### Run example project

You can find an example project in the MegaMol examples called "porous".
To run it, simply start MegaMol and load the project.

## LuaVis

[LuaVis]( is a standalone application that has been modified for the interactive visualization of flow graphs.
Its core is written in C++, the implementation for graph visualization in Lua.

### Get the code

You can get LuaVis from its repository at [](

### Build steps

LuaVis depends on the following libraries, which have to be built and installed.
Best use the linked repositories for compatibility.

- [LuaJIT](
- [cppfs](
- [SFML](
- [zlib](

After building the dependencies, configure LuaVis by running CMake with:
cmake /path/to/source -Dcppfs_DIR=/path/to/cppfs -DLUAJIT_DIR=/path/to/LuaJIT -DSFML_DIR=/path/to/lib/cmake/SFML -DZLIB_ROOT=/path/to/zlib

Now build and install LuaVis.

### Run

Execute the run script.
By default, an example dataset is loaded and visualized.

## Replication

To replicate images in the paper, we provide a script to re-create Figures 4a and 12.

### Prerequisites

- Windows 10 or later
- Graphics driver with OpenGL
- CMake
- Git
- Visual Studio with C++ 17 or later

### Run

Run the script `replication\build.bat`.

### Results

The script downloads, configures, builds, installs, and runs MegaMol and LuaVis.

- It produces Figure 4a as `replication\_fig.4a.png`
- It starts LuaVis at the state of Figure 12 (no screenshot capability for automatic saving)

**Caution:** MegaMol is started and closes again automatically after saving the screenshot. Please do not close it manually.
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