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R package 'bild' history file

2013-01-17, version 1.1-3: 
- useDynLib directive introduced in the NAMESPACE.

2013-02-15, version 1.1-2: 
- modification of bild funcion in order to allow the pattern of missing 
  data required for first order dependence structure that were included 
  in the pattern of missing data for second order dependence.

2012-09-22, version 1.1-1: 
- modification of locust examples in order to be less time consuming.

2012-09-11, version 1.1: 
- computation of ANOVA;
- introduced the option of the dependence structure of the model to be 
  independece with random intercept.

2012-02-01, version 1.0-4: 
- modification of CITATION inserting the correct fields of version and number 
  of the JSS article related to bild;
- amended reference of JSS article in files bild.Rd and package-bild.Rd.

2012-01-28, version 1.0-3: 
- Makevars removed in directory src;
- amended FORTRAN code in functions integ.f, integ1.f, gint.f and gint1.f.

2012-01-15, version 1.0-2: 
- Makevars introduced in directory src.

2012-01-08, version 1.0-1: 
- NAMESPACE introduced on request from R Core Team;
- amended FORTRAN code to comply with CRAN standards:
  In directory src/ d1mach.c was created to substitute the existing d1mach.f 
  in order to fix a problem of showing ERRORs when compiled with the current 
  version of gcc, 4.6.2;
- CITATION include a new article of JSS related to bild;
- fixed a bug in bild function: 
  in directory R/bild.R  change 'inherit' to 'inherits' in the argument 
  of both functions: and num.infoI.	

2010-06-06, version 1.0-0: first upload to CRAN.
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