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# MulticellularYeast
Codes and data to go along with 'Modular, robust and extendible multicellular circuit design in yeast'

The two excel spreadsheets (AllData and SI_data) contain all the data in the paper

To estimate models in Figure 1, 2 and 3 (A,B) use the codes contained in the Model estimation folder.
To estimate the bistable switch model and area of bistability (Figure 3, C-F) use the codes in the Bistable switch refitting and simulation folder
To conduct the multiple node network search, logic gates analysis, and nonmonotonic search (Figure 4 and 5), use the codes in the Large Network Simulation folder
All the codes above are written in Matlab

To have a sample of the data processing, open the Cytometry Data Analysis python script with an example plate map excel file contained in the Data processing folder
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