Raw File

# DESCRIPTION: This shell script generates html and markdown files for the
# static web pages processed by jekyll and comprising the Agda Universal
# Algebra Library html documentation.

OPTIONS="--html --html-highlight=code"

## absolute module names with no src/ prefix and no .lagda suffix
CHOPMODS=$(find $SRCDIR -name "*.lagda" | sed -e 's|^src/[/]*||' -e 's|.lagda||')

## replace / with . in $CHOPMODS list of module names
DOTMODS=$(echo $CHOPMODS | sed -e 's|/|.|g')

echo " "
echo "STEP 1. Generating agda program Everything.agda which imports all modules..."
echo " "

echo "{-# OPTIONS --without-K --exact-split --safe #-}" > $SRCDIR/$TARGET.agda
echo " " >> $SRCDIR/$TARGET.agda

git ls-tree --full-tree -r --name-only HEAD | grep '^src/[^\.]*.lagda' | sed -e 's|^src/[/]*|import |' -e 's|/|.|g' -e 's/.lagda//' -e '/import Everything/d' | LC_COLLATE='C' sort >> $SRCDIR/$TARGET.agda

echo " "
echo "STEP 2. Type checking Everything.agda which imports"
echo "        all modules, and generating html/markdown files..."
echo " "


echo " "
echo "STEP 3. copying agda-algebras.tex to index.md and renaming"
echo "        all generated .tex files to have .md extension...."
echo " "

cp $HTMLDIR/{agda-algebras.tex,index.markdown}

# For some reason `agda --html` generates .tex files from our markdown-commented .lagda files.
# We rename them to have the more appropriate .md extension.
for f in $DOTMODS; do
    mv $HTMLDIR/$f.{tex,md}; done
echo " "
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