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Tip revision: 861c8b60980b0f4d36b101b45346a2e64b0fa390 authored by Pranav Gokhale on 05 February 2018, 05:29:11 UTC
update documentation and release notes
Tip revision: 861c8b6
	Release version -v3.1
  Added ability to output OpenQASM (via -b flag for
  Released Braidflash v2.0, with improved simulation of magic state distillation overheads, 
  including different distillation protocols and different factory layouts.
  Fixed bug in braidflash generating machine-dependent results due to uninitialized variable.
  Fixed "file not found" bug in some scripts.
	Release version -v3.0-alpha
	New software package, Braidflash, added - in braidflash/ directory (Unix only)
	New software package, Rotation Generator, added for future support in dynamic rotation generation - in scripts/gen_rotations/ directory
	New software package, RKQCVerifier, added in scripts/RKQCVerifier/ directory
	Fixed bugs in the QASM flattening tool chain
	Added new compilation flag for QASM circuit optimization (Unix only) - “-o”
	Fixed minor bugs in the SHA-1 algorithm
	Changes made to to enable support for braidflash
	Changes made to installation regression tests to catch flattening bugs
	Release version -v2.0
	Added OSX Build - available on ScaffCC_OSX branch
	New data type abit added - representation of ancilla bits
	New function afree() added - usage: free ancilla bits and conserve usage
	throughout algorithms
	New function reverse() added - usage: reverse the computational steps of a
	specific function in an automated fashion
	New implementation of RKQC added - subcompiler call now directly inlined
	in an LLVM module pass
	Several small notational changes made to algorithms Boolean Formula, Class Number,
	RKQC_Test, and SHA-1
	New compilation flag to generate QX quantum computer simulator input files added - "-s",
	now algorithms can be compiled down to acceptably formatted input files
	for the QX quantum computer simulator available from TU Delft
	Release version - v1.0-beta.2
	Updates made to Class Number algorithm, corrections to QASM section
	Changes made to and to allow for integration of coarse-grained scheduling with full schedule outputs of LPFS
	Changes made to GenLPFSSchedule.cpp to prepend metrics header to all LPFS scheduled functions for integration with CG scheduling
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