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Particle detection algorithm
Matlab routines of an automatic particle detection algorithm, initially
designed and used to study the time-resolved resuspension of isolated micro
particle mono-layers exposed to airflow acceleration.
Contains folders: one used to create synthetic images in order to test the
algorithm and another used for experimental data (images of particle deposition
obtained using cameras) processing.

Coded using Matlab, with use of the image processing toolbox.

Each folder contains a self-described 'XXX_main.m' file, where XXX is either
'experimental' or 'synthetic'.

Authors & Acknowledgments
C. Cazes*+, L. Fiabane+, D. Heitz+, F. Theron*, L. Le Coq*
* IMT Atlantique, Campus Nantes - GEPEA
+ Inrae - UR OPAALE, Rennes

This code is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
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