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2019-06-07 v4.1.1
	Minor updates:
	* add README.md in distribution
2019-05-10 v4.1.0
	* rewrite of the Modular fields (code factorization, cleanup, bug
	fixing, etc)
	* fix many bugs
	* improve testsuite for rationals

2017-11-23 v4.0.4
	* minor build system fix with simd disabling option
2017-11-17 v4.0.3
	* fix many bugs (and merging all sage patches)
	* improved build system (instruction set detection, C++11 and clang compatibility, ...)
	* simplification of givvector

2003-12-11 Pascal Giorgi <pascal.giorgi@ens-lyon.fr>
	* /src/kernel/zpz/givzpz.h  add struct Std64 with some definition and redefine in the ggod way int64 & uint64

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