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Tip revision: ea691644b2658883adc1659be0e9542dec7f743d authored by Andrew Michael McNutt on 13 December 2023, 01:29:56 UTC
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import svelte from 'rollup-plugin-svelte';
import commonjs from '@rollup/plugin-commonjs';
import resolve from '@rollup/plugin-node-resolve';
import livereload from 'rollup-plugin-livereload';
import {terser} from 'rollup-plugin-terser';
import sveltePreprocess from 'svelte-preprocess';
import typescript from '@rollup/plugin-typescript';
import json from '@rollup/plugin-json';
import css from 'rollup-plugin-css-only';

const production = !process.env.ROLLUP_WATCH;

function serve() {
  let server;

  function toExit() {
    if (server) server.kill(0);

  return {
    writeBundle() {
      if (server) return;
      server = require('child_process').spawn('npm', ['run', 'start', '--', '--dev'], {
        stdio: ['ignore', 'inherit', 'inherit'],
        shell: true

      process.on('SIGTERM', toExit);
      process.on('exit', toExit);

export default {
  input: 'src/main.ts',
  output: {
    sourcemap: true,
    format: 'iife',
    name: 'app',
    file: 'public/build/bundle.js'
  plugins: [
      preprocess: sveltePreprocess({
        sourceMap: !production,
        postcss: {
          plugins: [require('tailwindcss')(), require('autoprefixer')()]
      compilerOptions: {
        // enable run-time checks when not in production
        dev: !production
    // we'll extract any component CSS out into
    // a separate file - better for performance
    css({output: 'bundle.css'}),

    // If you have external dependencies installed from
    // npm, you'll most likely need these plugins. In
    // some cases you'll need additional configuration -
    // consult the documentation for details:
      browser: true,
      dedupe: ['svelte']
      sourceMap: !production,
      inlineSources: !production,
      rootDir: './src'

    // In dev mode, call `npm run start` once
    // the bundle has been generated
    !production && serve(),

    // Watch the `public` directory and refresh the
    // browser on changes when not in production
    !production && livereload('public'),

    // If we're building for production (npm run build
    // instead of npm run dev), minify
    production && terser()
  watch: {
    clearScreen: false
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