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Tip revision: 3bba344ff65e112cea1aef3a6087bc7d611a0ad1 authored by Artem Artemev on 26 January 2023, 16:01:40 UTC
Use PyPi token for package uploading (#2043)
Tip revision: 3bba344
show_error_codes = True
; First we turn on *all the checks*, and then we turn off those that are too annoying.
strict = True
ignore_missing_imports = True
disallow_subclassing_any = False
disallow_untyped_calls = False
disallow_untyped_decorators = False
; This is needed because version 1.20.0 of NumPy introduces typing, so some ignores are necessary /
; unnecessary depending on the version of numpy:
warn_unused_ignores = False
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