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2021/05/02 (RDC)
        Update dune related files (thanks to Gabriel Radanne).
        Fixed file descriptor leakage (read pipe end not closed in mapper), reported by Julia Lawall.

2021/04/24 (RDC)
        Include fix in bytearray.ml to avoid corruption on 32bit architectures
        (drops support for OCaml 4.02.3, thanks to Jerry James)

2021/01/09 (RDC)
        Major enhancement: add support for returning results in the right order from
        the calls to parmap/parmapi/array_parmap/array_parmapi even when the
	chunksize parameter is used. This can be accomplished using the keeporder
	Documentation, tests and functions parameters updated accordingly.

2020/01/23 (RDC)
	Integrated major rewriting of the build system, moving to dune;
	dropped compatibility with pre-4.02 OCaml versions. Thanks to Gabriel Radanne.

2011/11/30 (RDC)
        Version 0.9.8 contains the following major new features w.r.t. 0.9.4
           - a chunksize parameter can be used to control the granularity of the
             parallelism: each worker will handle a series of chunks of this size
             and ask for them when ready, thus allowing the system to achieve
             automatic load balancing
           - very specialised versions of the map function are now available for
             arrays and float arrays, allowing to obtain significant speed-up even
             on relatively light computations
           - autoconf and ocamlbuild harness should simplify compilation and installation.

2011/08/30 (RDC)
        internally convert lists to array to avoid quadratic penalty in execution time on long lists,
        thanks to Paul Vernaza <pvernaza@andrew.cmu.edu> for pointing out this issue;
        added 'a sequence type to allow using efficiently the library both with lists and arrays.
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