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Tip revision: 3ea66bd3ecb5f9467b3db36480ee97c06fc001e4 authored by Simon Urbanek on 08 August 1977, 00:00:00 UTC
version 0.1-7
Tip revision: 3ea66bd
  Signal constants (subset)
\code{SIGALRM} alarm clock

\code{SIGCHLD} to parent on child stop or exit

\code{SIGHUP} hangup

\code{SIGINFO} information request

\code{SIGINT} interrupt

\code{SIGKILL} kill (cannot be caught or ignored)

\code{SIGQUIT} quit

\code{SIGSTOP} sendable stop signal not from tty

\code{SIGTERM} software termination signal from kill

\code{SIGUSR1} user defined signal 1

\code{SIGUSR2} user defined signal 2
  See \code{man signal} in your OS for details. The above codes can be
  used in conjunction with the \code{\link{kill}} function to send
  signals to processes.
\author{Simon Urbanek}
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