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Tip revision: 9fbfbef539cfc60884f6828c62f0aa328335a0b1 authored by Toni Giorgino on 08 January 2008, 00:00:00 UTC
version 1.5-3
Tip revision: 9fbfbef
Package: dtw
Type: Package
Title: Dynamic Time Warping algorithms
Version: 1.5-3
Date: 2008-1-8
Depends: proxy
Enhances: proxy
Author: Toni Giorgino <toni.giorgino@unipv.it>,
	Paolo Tormene <paolo.tormene@gmail.com>
Maintainer: Toni Giorgino <toni.giorgino@unipv.it>
Description: Comprehensive implementation of Dynamic Time Warping
 algorithms in R. DTW finds the optimal (least cumulative distance)
 mapping between two time series. This package implements all common
 DTW variants, including local and global constraints, arbitrary
 timeseries lenghts, distance definitions, etc.  Methods provides
 cumulative distance, warping functions, plots, etc.
License: GPL (>=2)
URL: http://dtw.r-forge.r-project.org/
Packaged: Fri Feb 22 17:27:21 2008; toni
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