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version 1.4.0
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# pkgdown 1.4.0

## New features

* `build_site()`, `build_reference()` and `build_home()` gain a parameter 
  `devel` which controls whether you're in deployment or development mode.
  It generalises and replaces (with deprecation) the existing `document` 
    Development mode is optimised for rapid iteration and is the default
    for `build_reference()`. It uses `pkgload::load_all()` to load code
    directly from disk in order.
    Deployment mode is slower, but guarantees correct results, and is the
    default for `build_site()`. It installs the package into a temporary
    library, and runs examples/articles in a new process.

* `build_reference()` no longer runs `devtools::document()` (#1079) and
  `build_home()` no longer re-builds `README.Rmd`.  This makes the scope 
  of responsibility of pkgdown more clear: it now only creates/modifies 
  files in `doc/`.

* `build_home()` now strips quotes from `Title` and `Description` fields 
  when generating page metadata. Additionally, you can now override the 
  defaults via the `title` and `description` fields in the `home` section of 
  `_pkgdown.yml` (#957, @maelle).

* `vignette("linking")` describes how pkgdown's automatic linking works, and
  how to ensure that cross-package links point to the right place.

## Bug fixes and minor improvements

### Rd translation

* `\examples{}` rendering has been completely overhauled so it now first 
  converts the entire mixed Rd-R block to R prior, and then evaluates the
  whole thing. This considerably improves the fidelity of the translation 
  at a small cost of no longer being able to remove `\donttest{}` and
  friends (#1087).

* `\item{}`s in `\describe{}` containing whitespace are translated correctly

* `\dots` and `\ldots` are translated to `...` instead of the ellipsis,
  since they're often found in code (#1114).

* `\tabular{}` translation handles code better (@mitchelloharawild, #978).

* `\subsection{}` contents are now treated as paragraphs, not inline text 

* `\preformatted{}` blocks preserve important whitespace (#951).

### Front end

* Links to online documentation for functions in code chunks are no longer 
  displayed when printing (#1135, @bisaloo).

* Updated fontawesome to v5.7.1. fontawesome 5 [deprecated the `fa` prefix](https://fontawesome.com/how-to-use/on-the-web/setup/upgrading-from-version-4#changes).
  If you have used custom icons in your navbar, you'll should update them from
  (e.g.) `fa fa-home` to `fas fa-home`. Brands now have a separate prefix so
  `fa fa-github` becomes `fab fa-github` (#953).

* The navbar is now automatically hidden with 

* The sticky behaviour of the navbar is now implemented in pure CSS instead of 
  relying a the 3rd party javascript library (#1016, @bisaloo)

* Favicons are now automatically built from a package logo (#949).

### Linking

* Infix operators (e.g., `%in%` and `%*%`) are now linked to their 
  documentation (#1082).

* Function names can now be included in headers without spurious auto-linking 

* Links to external documentation now point to [rdrr.io](https://rdrr.io) 

### Other

* News page recognises more version specfications (including the  
  "(development version)" now used by usethis) (#980).

* Subdirectories are supported for assets (#939, @ijlyttle).

* A default 404 page (`404.html`) is built, unless a custom `.github/404.md` 
  is provided (#947).

* `build_article()` now uses the raw vignette title as page `<title>` 
  and `og:title` (@maelle, #1037).

* `build_home()` now looks for license files spelled either as LICENSE or 
  LICENCE (#972).

* `build_home()` can find badges in paragraph coming after the comment 
  `<!-- badges: start -->` (#670, @gaborcsardi, @maelle).

* `build_home()` will add a community section to the sidebar if there is either 
  a code of  conduct (`.github/CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md`) or a contributing guide 
  (`.github/CONTRIBUTING.md`) (#1044, @maelle).

* `build_reference()` gains a `topics` argument which allows you to re-build
  only specified topics.

* `build_site(new_process = TRUE)` gains a timeout, 
  `options(pkgdown.timeout = 10)`, that can be used to prevent stalled 

* `deploy_site_github(install = FALSE)` makes it possible to opt out of 

* `dev_mode()` now recognises `0.1.9000` as a development version of a package
  (this is an emerging standard we use for packages with backward incompatible
  changes) (#1101).

# pkgdown 1.3.0

* Restore accidentally deleted `build_logo()` function so that logos
  are once more copied to the website.

* Fix to `pkgdown.css` so page header has correct amount of top margin.

* `content-home.html` template is no longer used when the homepage
  is an `.Rmd` (Reverts #834. Fixes #927, #929)

* `deploy_site_github()` now passes parameters to `build_site()` 
  (@noamross, #922), and the documentation gives slightly better advice.

* Correct off-by-one error in navbar highlighting javascript; now no navbar
  is highlighted if none match the current path (#911).

* Tweaking of HTML table classes was fixed (@yonicd, #912)

* Restore accidentally removed `docsearch.css` file.

# pkgdown 1.2.0

## New features

* `deploy_site_github()` can be used from continuous integration systems
  (like travis) to automatically deploy your package website to GitHub Pages.
  See documentation for how to set up details (@jimhester).

* `build_favicon()` creates high resolution favicons from the package logo,
  and saves them in `pkgdown/`. They are created using the 
  <http://realfavicongenerator.net> API, and are better suited for modern web 
  usage (e.g. retina display screens, desktop shortcuts, etc.). This also 
  removes the dependency on the magick package, making automated deployment
  a little easier (@bisaloo, #883).

* Users with limited internet connectivity can explicitly disable internet
  usage by pkgdown by setting `options(pkgdown.internet = FALSE)` (#774, #877).

## Improvements to Rd translation

* `rd2html()` is now exported to facilitate creation of translation reprexes.

* `\Sexpr{}` conversion supports multiple arguments, eliminating 
  `x must be a string or a R connection` errors when using `\doi{}` (#738).

* `\tabular{}` conversion better handles empty cells (#780).

* `\usage{}` now supports qualified functions eliminating  
  `Error in fun_info(x) : Unknown call: ::` errors (#795).

* Invalid tags now generate more informative errors (@BarkleyBG, #771, #891)

## Front end

* The default footer now displays the version of pkgdown used to build 
  the site (#876). 

* All third party resources are now fetched from a single CDN and are
  give a SRI hash (@bisaloo, #893).
* The navbar version now has class "version" so you can more easily control 
  its display (#680).

* The default css has been tweaked to ensure that icons are visible on all
  browsers (#852).

## Bug fixes and minor improvements

### Home page

* Can now build sites for older packages that don't have a `Authors@R` field 

* Remote urls ending in `.md` are no longer tweaked to end in `.html` (#763).

* Bug report link is only shown if there's a "BugReports" field (#855).

* `content-home.html` template is now used when the homepage is an `.Rmd` 
  (@goldingn, #787).

* A link to the source `inst/CITATION` was added to the authors page (#714).

### News

* Uses stricter regular expression when linking to GitHub authors (#902).

### Reference

* Unexported functions and test helpers are no longer loaded (#789).
* Selectors that do not match topics now generate a warning. If none of the 
  specified selectors have a match, no topics are selected (#728).

### Articles

* The display depth of vignette tables of contents can be configured by 
  setting `toc: depth` in `_pkgdown.yml` (#821):

    depth: 2

### Overall site

* `init_site()` now creates a CNAME file if one doesn't already exist and the
  site's metadata includes a `url` field.

* `build_site()` loses vestigal `mathjax` parameter. This didn't appear to do 
  anything and  no one could remember why it existed (#785).

* `build_site()` now uses colours even if `new_process = TRUE` (@jimhester).

# pkgdown 1.1.0

## New features

* `build_reference()` and `build_site()` get new `document` argument. When 
  `TRUE`, the default, will automatically run `devtools::document()` to 
  ensure that your documentation is up to date.

* `build_site()` gains a `new_process` argument, which defaults to `TRUE`.
  This will run pkgdown in a separate process, and is recommended practice
  because it improves reproducibility (#647).

* Improved display for icons: icons must be 30px and stored in top-level 
  `icons/` directory. They are embedded in a separate column of reference 
  index table, instead of being inside a comment (!) (#607).
## Front end

* Added a keyboard shortcut for searching. Press `shift` + `/` (`?`) to move 
  focus to the search bar (#642). 
* The Algolia logo is correctly shown in the search results (#673).
* Navbar active tab highlighting uses a superior approach (suggested by 
  @jcheng5) which should mean that the active page is correctly highlighted
  in all scenarios (#660).

* `pkgdown.js` is better isolated so it should still work even if you 
  load html widgets that import a different version of jquery (#655).

## Improvements to Rd translation

* `vignette()` calls that don't link to existing vignettes silently fail 
  to link instead of generating an uninformative error messages (#652). 
  Automatic linking works for re-exported objects that are not functions 
  (@gaborcsardi, #666).

* Empty `\section{}`s are ignored (#656). Previously, empty sections caused 
  error `Error in rep(TRUE, length(x) - 1)`.

* `\Sexpr{}` supports `results=text`, `results=Rd` and `results=hide` (#651).

* `\tabular{}` no longer requires a terminal `\cr` (#664, #645).

## Minor bug fixes and improvements

* Add `inst/pkgdown.yml` as a possible site configuration file so that packages 
  on CRAN can be built without needing the development version (#662).

* Default navbar template now uses site title, not package name (the package 
  name is the default title, so this will not affect most sites) (#654).

* You can suppress indexing by search engines by setting `noindex: true` 
  `pkgdown.yml` (#686)
        noindex: true

* `build_article()` sets `IN_PKGDOWN` env var so `in_pkgdown()` works 

* `build_home()`: CITATION files with non-UTF-8 encodings (latin1) work
  correctly, instead of generating an error. For non-UTF-8 locales, ensure you 
  have e.g. `Encoding: latin1` in your `DESCRIPTION`; but best practice is to 
  re-enode your CITATION file to UTF-8 (#689).

* `build_home()`: Markdown files (e.g., `CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md`) stored in 
  `.github/` are copied and linked correctly (#682).

* `build_news()`: Multi-page changelogs (generated from `NEWS.md` with
  `news: one_page: false` in `_pkgdown.yml`) are rendered correctly.

* `build_reference()`: reference index shows infix functions (like `%+%`) as 
  `` `%+%` ``, not `` `%+%`() `` on  (#659).

# pkgdown 1.0.0

* Major refactoring of path handling. `build_` functions no longer take
  `path` or `depth` arguments. Instead, set the `destination` directory 
  at the top level of `pkgdown.yml`.

* Similarly, `build_news()` no longer takes a `one_page` argument;
  this should now be specified in the `_pkgdown.yml` instead. See the 
  documentation for an example.
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