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\title{Load ExpressionSet from GEO Series}
getGSE(name, destdir = tempdir(), mirrorPath = "")
\item{name}{String, containing GEO identifier of the dataset.
It should start with 'GSE' or 'GDS' and can include exact GPL
to annotate dataset, separated with dash ('-') from the identifier.}

\item{destdir}{Directory for caching loaded Series and GPL
files from GEO database.}

\item{mirrorPath}{URL string which specifies the source of matrices.}
List of ExpressionSet objects, that were available by given
    in \code{name} variable GEO identifier.
\code{getGSE} return the ExpressionSet object(s) corresponding
    to GEO Series Identifier.
    getGSE('GSE14308', destdir = 'cache')

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