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# Doesn't work because _miriad doesn't compile on Windows.
# Moved out of main folder until this is resolved.
# based on PANDAS appveyor.yml
# Which references the following sites as inspiration

# Also looked at:

# Backslashes in quotes need to be escaped: \ -> "\\"

  fast_finish: true     # immediately finish build once one of the jobs fails.

    # SDK v7.0 MSVC Express 2008's SetEnv.cmd script will fail if the
    # /E:ON and /V:ON options are not enabled in the batch script intepreter
    # See:
    CMD_IN_ENV: "cmd /E:ON /V:ON /C .\\ci\\run_with_env.cmd"


    # don't use 64 bit on windows because of python 2.7 compiling error.
    # see
    - PYTHON: "C:\\Python27_32"
      PYTHON_VERSION: "2.7"
      PYTHON_ARCH: "32"
      CONDA_PY: "27"
      CONDA_NPY: "110"

# all our python builds have to happen in tests_script...
build: false


  # this installs the appropriate Miniconda (Py2/Py3, 32/64 bit)
  # updates conda & installs: conda-build jinja2 anaconda-client
  - powershell .\ci\install.ps1
  - echo "install"
  - cd
  - ls -ltr
  - git tag --sort v:refname

  # this can conflict with git
  - cmd: rmdir C:\cygwin /s /q

  # install our build environment
  - cmd: conda config --set show_channel_urls true --set always_yes true --set changeps1 false
  - cmd: conda update -q conda
  # Useful for debugging any issues with conda
  - cmd: conda info -a

  # build em using the local source checkout in the correct windows env
  - cmd: '%CMD_IN_ENV% conda build ci\appveyor.recipe -q'

  # create our env
  - cmd: conda create -q -n test-environment python=%PYTHON_VERSION% numpy scipy astropy pytest-cov
  - cmd: activate test-environment
  - cmd: set DISTUTILS_DEBUG='test'
  - cmd: ls -ltr "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\\VC\\BIN\\"
  - cmd: cd ../pyuvdata
  - cmd: python install

  # tests
  - cd \
  - cmd: activate test-environment
  - cmd: conda list
  - cmd: pytest
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