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# FindYourCell.jl
Cell Segementation and Tracking

We search and filter local maximal in blurred image as seed, then apply 
algorithm to split individual cell. Nucleus is extracted by Otsu-threshold
in each split region.

## Data Structure
cell_info=[x, y, threshold, cell_size, cell_intensity]

## Compressed tiff
Why enum number are wrong?

# hack ImageMagick
function writeimage(wand::MagickWand, filename::AbstractString)
    setimagecompression(wand, 13) # lzw compression
    status = ccall((:MagickWriteImages, libwand), Cint, (Ptr{Cvoid}, Ptr{UInt8}, Cint), wand, filename, true)
    status == 0 && error(wand)
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