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Tip revision: efcdf0536037bd10a6d61e220a214a5e0d9677fe authored by Nitesh Turaga on 27 October 2020, 15:33:27 UTC
bump x.y.z version to even y prior to creation of RELEASE_3_12 branch
Tip revision: efcdf05
cd inst-raw/phantasus.js
grunt dist

git log -1 > ../../inst/www/phantasus.js/commit

cp ./index.html ../../inst/www/phantasus.js/
cp ./js/phantasus.js ../../inst/www/phantasus.js/js/
cp ./js/phantasus-external-*.min.js ../../inst/www/phantasus.js/js/
cp -r ./jasmine ../../inst/www/phantasus.js/
cp ./my.conf.js ./package.json ../../inst/www/phantasus.js/
cp -r ./css/images ../../inst/www/phantasus.js/css/
cp -r ./css/phantasus-latest.min.css ../../inst/www/phantasus.js/css/
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