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Tip revision: f506282e07b9a3be7c0f65f74b7bd1ce869ea1ed authored by Barak A. Pearlmutter on 15 January 2021, 18:08:38 UTC
Tip revision: f506282
#ifndef BASIC_H
#define BASIC_H
#include <wx/wx.h>
#include <wx/evtloop.h>
#include "logo.h"

// This is the Top level Application Class
class LogoApplication : public wxApp
	virtual bool OnInit();
	virtual int OnExit();
        virtual int OnRun();	

// This is the Event Manager for the logo application
// allows us to process events while waiting (single-thread wxLogo)

class LogoEventManager {
    LogoEventManager(LogoApplication *logoApp);
    void ProcessEvents(int force_yield = 0);
    LogoApplication *m_logoApp;

// This is the Top level frame for logo
class LogoFrame : public wxFrame
	LogoFrame( const wxChar *title,
                int xpos=50, int ypos=50,
                int width=900, int height=500);

        void AdjustSize();
	void SetUpEditMenu();
	void SetUpMenu();
	void OnPrintText(wxCommandEvent&);
	void OnPrintTextPrev(wxCommandEvent&);
        void OnSelectFont(wxCommandEvent&);
	void OnIncreaseFont(wxCommandEvent&);
	void OnDecreaseFont(wxCommandEvent&);
	void OnQuit(wxCommandEvent& WXUNUSED(event));
	void OnSave(wxCommandEvent& WXUNUSED(event));
	void OnSaveAs(wxCommandEvent& WXUNUSED(event));
	void OnLoad(wxCommandEvent& WXUNUSED(event));
	void OnTurtlePrintPreview(wxCommandEvent& WXUNUSED(event));
	void DoStop(wxCommandEvent& WXUNUSED(event));
	void DoPause(wxCommandEvent& WXUNUSED(event));
	void DoPaste(wxCommandEvent&);
	void DoCopy(wxCommandEvent&);
	void OnPrintTurtle(wxCommandEvent&);
	void OnEditCloseAccept(wxCommandEvent& WXUNUSED(event));
	void OnEditCloseReject(wxCommandEvent& WXUNUSED(event));
	void OnEditPrint(wxCommandEvent& WXUNUSED(event));
	void OnEditCopy(wxCommandEvent& WXUNUSED(event));
	void OnEditCut(wxCommandEvent& WXUNUSED(event));
	void OnEditFind(wxCommandEvent& WXUNUSED(event));
	void OnEditFindNext(wxCommandEvent& WXUNUSED(event));
	void OnEditPaste(wxCommandEvent& WXUNUSED(event));
	void OnEditSave(wxCommandEvent& WXUNUSED(event));
	void OnEditLoad(wxCommandEvent& WXUNUSED(event));

        void OnCloseWindow(wxCloseEvent& event);

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