Raw File

TOP = ../../..

#include "../../../Makefile.include"

.SUFFIXES: .o .cpp .c
        $(CXX) $(CXXFLAGS) $(LCFLAGS) $(INCFLAGS) -c $<

EXPORTED_INCS = cmm.h tempheap.h msw.h machine.h

HFILES = machine.h cmm.h

OBJS = 	cmm.o tempheap.o msw.o memory.o

TESTS = test2 test3 test4 test5 test6 test7 test8 testmsw1 testmsw2 testmsw3

all: libCmm.a

	@echo Making nothing.....
	@echo "Sorry, your Posso library is not in the expected place ;}."

test : ${TESTS}
	 @for i in ${TESTS}; do  \
	   ( echo "Running " ./$$i "..."; \
	     ./$$i >tests.out 2>&1 ;  \
	   )                    \

libCmm.a: $(OBJS)
	ar ru libCmm.a $(OBJS)
	$(RANLIB) libCmm.a

cmm.o: cmm.cpp $(HFILES)

memory.o: memory.cpp $(HFILES)

tempheap.o: tempheap.cpp tempheap.h $(HFILES)

msw.o: msw.cpp msw.h $(HFILES)

	sed -e s:'"CMM .*"':\\\"CMM `date +%D`\\\": cmm.cpp > tmp.cpp
	mv tmp.cpp cmm.cpp

test2:	test2.cpp libCmm.a
	${CPP} -o test2 ${CFLAGS} test2.cpp libCmm.a

test3:	test3.cpp libCmm.a
	${CPP} -o test3 ${CFLAGS} test3.cpp libCmm.a

test4:	test4.cpp libCmm.a
	${CPP} -o test4 ${CFLAGS} test4.cpp libCmm.a 

test5:	test5.cpp libCmm.a
	${CPP} -o test5 ${CFLAGS} test5.cpp libCmm.a 

test6:	test6.cpp libCmm.a
	${CPP} -o test6 ${CFLAGS} test6.cpp libCmm.a 

test7:	test7.cpp libCmm.a
	${CPP} -o test7 ${CFLAGS} test7.cpp libCmm.a 

test8:	test8.cpp libCmm.a
	${CPP} -o test8 ${CFLAGS} test8.cpp libCmm.a 

testmsw1: testmsw1.c libCmm.a
	${CPP} -g -o testmsw1 ${CFLAGS} testmsw1.c libCmm.a

testmsw2: testmsw2.c libCmm.a
	${CPP} -g -o testmsw2 ${CFLAGS} testmsw2.c libCmm.a

testmsw3: testmsw3.cpp libCmm.a
	${CPP} ${OPTS} -o testmsw3 ${CFLAGS} testmsw3.cpp libCmm.a

	set DIR=`pwd`; cd $(TOP); make SUBDIRS=$$DIR Makefiles
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