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\title{ R control chart }
  This function builds a R control chart.
cchart.R(x, n, type = "norm", y = NULL)
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  \item{x}{ The data to be plotted. }
  \item{n}{ The sample size. }
  \item{type}{ The type of R chart to be plotted. The options are "norm" (traditional Shewhart R chart) and "tukey" (exact R chart). If not specified, a Shewhart R chart will be plotted. }
  \item{y}{ The data used in phase I to estimate the standard deviation. }
  The Shewhart R chart was designed for phase I (at this moment).
  The limits of the exact R chart are the alpha/2 and 1-alpha/2 quantiles of the R distribution that are calculated as estimated process sd times the quantiles of the relative range (W=R/sigma) distribution.
  Return a R control chart.
\author{ Daniela R. Recchia, Emanuel P. Barbosa }
cchart.R(pistonrings[1:25,], 5)
cchart.R(pistonrings[26:40, ], 5, type = "tukey", pistonrings[1:25, ])
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