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Citations & References

The bibtex entries for **PyAutoFit** and its affiliated software packages can be found
`here <https://github.com/rhayes777/PyAutoFit/blob/main/files/citations.bib>`_, with example text for citing **PyAutoFit**
in `.tex format here <https://github.com/rhayes777/PyAutoFit/blob/main/files/citation.tex>`_ format here and
`.md format here <https://github.com/rhayes777/PyAutoFit/blob/main/files/citations.md>`_.

As shown in the examples, we would greatly appreciate it if you mention **PyAutoFit** by name and include a link to our GitHub page!

**PyAutoFit** is published in the `Journal of Open Source Software <https://joss.theoj.org/papers/10.21105/joss.02550#>`_ and its
entry in the above .bib file is under the key ``pyautofit``.
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