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# in-silico-FSHD-muscle-fiber-tools

Shiny tool implementations of the model from the eLife article: An in silico FSHD muscle fibre for modelling DUX4 dynamics and predicting the impact of therapy (
These tools allow the pre-screening of theraputic strategies via the modification of model parameters.

Web applications of the tools are hosted at:

1. Compartment Models:  
2. Cellular Automaton: 
3. Survival Analysis: 

Alternatively, clone this repository and open an R terminal in the directory of the shiny app of interest.
Run `ui.r` and `server.r` to create the objects `ui` and `server`. Then run `shinyApp(ui, server)` to open a local server.
Use `install.packages()` to install any required packages.
Tested on R version 4.2.3.
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