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TensorLy is a fast and simple Python library for tensor learning. It builds on top of NumPy, SciPy and MXNet and allows for fast and straightforward tensor decomposition, tensor learning and tensor algebra.

- **Website:**
- **Source:**
- **Jupyter Notebooks:**

How to install
Easy option: install with pip

Simply run::

   pip install -U tensorly
NOTE: TensorLy is developed/tested only for Python 3

That's it!

Alternatively, you can pip install from the git repository::

   pip install git+

Development: install from git

The library is still very new and under heavy developement. To install the last version:

Clone the repository and cd there::

   git clone
   cd tensorly

Then install the package (here in editable mode with `-e` or equivalently `--editable`)::

   pip install -e .

Running the tests

Testing and documentation are an essential part of this package and all functions come with uni-tests and documentation.

You can run all the tests using the `nose` package::

   nosetests -v tensorly

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