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This directory contains the official distributions of the CMM.
The directory contains subdirectories for each release named as follows:


e.g. 1.8

Each directory contains the following subdirectories:

1. cmm: contains the latest version of the release;
2. patch: contains the successive patches applied to version base
   to obtain version cmm.

The latest release is also referenced by the symbolic link curr
and the link cmm points to the latest version in curr, which is still
work in progress.

Developers must work on their private copies of the latest version.
Changes are transferred to the latest version using the following command:

	version-update new-dir

Where new-dir is the directory containing the new version.
new-dir must have been created with cp -pr cmm, in order to retain dates
and rights for files.
update-cmm creates a patch file containing the differences between the new
and latest release, and saves it in the directory patch with a progressive

Steps necessary to freeze a new version:

   > make release
   > mkdir <new-version> <new-version>/cmm <new-version>/patch
   > cp -rp cmm <new-version>/cmm
   - update the version number in <new-version>/cmm/cmm.cc
   > echo 1 > <new-version>/patch/number
   > rm curr
   > ln -s <new-version> curr
   > echo "Subject: ANNOUNCE: version <new-version> freezed" \
	| mail cmm@di.unipi.it

NOTE: once a version has been frozen, *nobody* should change files contained
in the frozen directory.

e-mail: cmm@di.unipi.it
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